Monday (and I should be watching 24)

Honestly, the season finale is MUCH improved from the suckfest episodes that have plagued this series, which at one point was my favorite on TV, but still, I can’t really get wrapped up in it. The first four episodes were fantastic, the next two or three were good, and then they absolutely blew up until tonight.

(OK, they just showed a preview for Hostel II, and I can’t think of a movie that I’m less looking forward to seeing.)

I watched three movies over the weeked: Little Children, Hot Fuzz and Shrek the Third. You should rush right out and watch the first two, but unless you are a glutton for punishment, avoid the new Shrek. Well, it’s not a total piece of turd, but it pales in comparison to the hilarious first two films. But, really, I can’t say enough about Hot Fuzz. It tweaks the buddy-cop movie premise, both somehow honoring them while taking digs at them. Plus, it made me laugh embarrassingly loud.

I had to order a new cell phone today, and it included the warning of not placing the phone in the microwave to dry it off. I’m truly glad for that piece of advice.


3 thoughts on “Monday (and I should be watching 24)

  1. Having lost many a phone to the ravages of water I could understand that burning desire to heat it up… however, the microwave hardly seems like the best idea. I’ve heard of people actually having success by placing their wet phones in the oven for a couple of seconds… but I don’t think I’d try that one either.

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