I am Legend

I threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Lexington Legends game earlier today, and as I feared, it did not turn out too well.
I was EXTREMELY nervous and I apparently thought too much about not embarrassing myself, which caused me to pretty much embarrass myself – I bounced the ball into the dirt.
And while I was no Cincinnati mayor, I was also no Roger Clemens.
But it could have been worse.
My co-workers wanted me to wear a costume.
As Vegetable Man.

Other thoughts:
Despite having watched every episode of American Idol so far this season, I will be skipping tonight’s finale to focus on the two-hour episode of Lost, which is also a season finale.
There’s no real suspense on who’s going to win AI – it’s Jordin in a landslide, if you ask me – while there’s much interest building on Lost. At one point this season, I was about to give up on the show, as it meandered its way through meaningless episodes, but the last four or five have been amazing.
So what will happen tonight? Will Locke rise from the dead (or almost dead)? Will Charlie fulfill his doomed destiny? Will anyone make it off the island? Will Ben regain control of The Others (he seemed to be slipping in stature in recent episodes)? And, most importantly, who will die?

In case you haven’t heard the new single from The White Stripes, I’ve decided to share it with you here (meaning that all three of my readers will get to hear it). It’s a nice mix of “Seven Nation Army” and “Blue Orchid,” with some Middle Eastern-type sounds thrown in to boot.

I like the lyrical rhythm Jack White has written for this single, particularly in lines like
“Yeah, I swam beside the hair
She had one white eye
One blank stare,
Lookin’ up, lyin’ there

On a stand in her hair
Was a candy cane
Black rum, sugar cane
Dry eye, somethin’ strange!”

And this:
“Well, Americans:
What, nothin’ better to do?
Why don’t you kick yourself out?
You’re an immigrant too.

Who’s usin’ who?
What should we do?
Well you can’t be a pimp
And a prostitute too.”

I never said it made sense. I just said it makes me want to turn the music up as loud as it will go.


2 thoughts on “I am Legend

  1. “We have secretly replaced White Stripes front man Jack White with Steven Tyler… let’s see if the notice.”

    Cue concerned chef peeking around the corner.

  2. Have you heard the “Real Men of Genius” radio commercial that salutes “First Ceremonial Pitch Thrower-Outer”? It’s awesome! I hear it on 94.5 ALL the time.

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