I’m so Lost without you

Almost 24 hours later, I still have NO IDEA what happened on Wednesday night’s episode of Lost. (For those of you who haven’t seen it yet, stop reading now because spoilers are on the way).

The ending delivered on the producers’ promise that it could change the structure of the show, possibly ending the use of the flashback format. That makes sense since the season finale’s flashback was actually a flashforward. Essentially, we learned that Jack and Kate, at least, made it off the island. Kate has adjust to her new life, while Jack has not, as evidenced by his bushy beard (and, perhaps, his addiction to painkillers).

The writers were crafty, leading us to believe all along it was a flashback – the use of Jack’s ex-wife, Jack referencing his now-deceased father and acting like the elder Sheppard was still alive, Jack listening to the opening track of Nirvana’s In Utero album. (Of course, Jack was also using a RAZR cell phone, which shot some holes in the “flashback” – I assumed it was just a continuity issue. I was wrong).

The flashforward opens a whole new set of questions, a common thing on Lost, which opens 18 new questions for every one answered. In particular, I’m curious about:
Whose funeral did Jack attend? Was it Locke? Ben? Sawyer?
Why has Jack struggled with getting off The Island? Does this mean Locke and Ben were correct in trying to stop Jack from radioing help?
Why was Jack still referring to his dad as being alive? Is he? Or is this some sort of alternate universe, a theory popular among Lost fanatics.

Another random thought on the show: Does Walt’s appearance signal a time-travel and/or alternate universe theory? The kid had aged, which would be impossible if what was happening on the island was unfolding in real time. They’ve only been there 90 days or so, but Walt has aged 3-5 years. Locke’s vision of Walt wouldn’t have incorporated an older version of Walt, so there is some room for interpretation here.

Here’s a thought from my friend, John Whitlock: “Did you catch Jack’s line about “I’m tired of lying”? The Chief of Surgery tells Jack “You’re a hero — two-times over.”
Jack gets recognized at the drugstore. The guy is really excited to see Jack. Not exactly the reception you would give someone you may have passingly seen on local TV. I think Jack has been on Larry King, Oprah and the rest, talking about how he saved the people of 815. A story was constructed by someone, leaving out all the weird Island details, a story that has Jack as the squared-jaw hero.”

Since I don’t have ANY answers whatsoever for the questions posed out there (go here for a better look at that: http://www.ew.com/ew/article/0,,20040061,00.html), let me switch gears to share my favorite parts of the finale:

I literally jumped from my chair when Hurley came crashing through the jungle in that van. I cheered and threw up a fist pump. What a PERFECT moment for him and the show. I love how the scene brought back the original episode with Hurley in the van, which had worked as a great stand-alone episode but now fits into the overall picture. I also adored the way Hurley kept telling everyone that he saved the day.

Also LOVED when Sawyer killed Tom. “That’s for taking the kid off the raft.” And his response to Hurley saying the guy surrendered was great. “I didn’t believe him.”

Charlie’s death scene was amazingly poignant, especially given the letdown of him not dying last week. I loved the touch of him writing the note on his hand, holding it up to the window and Desmond touching the glass, acknowledging the note while saying goodbye to Charlie. Beautiful.

If anyone out there actually reads this blog, I’d be curious to know your thoughts on the episode, the season and the show.


3 thoughts on “I’m so Lost without you

  1. Okay, so i have all these answers!! And maybe some new questions…Gimme a few and let me write my blog over on Ye Olde MySpace.


  2. Lost is kinda funny. Just when I think I’ve got it pegged they thrown in some bullshit like Jacob that makes shatter my old theory. Don’t get me wrong, i love Lost, i’ve watched it from the beginning, patiently waiting for answers and getting nothin in return (Well, i take that back. Some answers but not enough to satisfy my thirst). They said everything would change in the season finale for the show, and dammit, they were right (I also caught the RAZR phone incident also and thought it was a continuity issue). They have three more seasons to wrap it up and give us all the answers we want. Maybe three seasons of 16 episodes is the best things. Short, sweet, to the point (sometimes to the point, I could have cared less where jack got his damn tattoo and what it meant). Lost have will the oppurtunity that most shows won’t have, the chance and time to wrap everything up. Twin Peaks was cursed from the beginning by this problem, hopefully Lost won’t lose it’s audience and be cancelled.

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