I, too, believe he can fly …

thin_4.jpg… but mostly, I think R. Kelly just writes some pretty horrible, sophomoric (all apologies to sophomores) lyrics.

How can we ever forget these classics:
“This is the remix to ignition
hot and fresh out the kitchen
mama rollin that body
got evey man in her wishin
sippin on coke and rum
im like so what im drunk
its the freakin weekend baby
im about to have me some fun.”

Of course, the original “Ignition” contained these gems:
“It’s like woo woo woo…pull over, baby
And let me put this thug love in yo trunk, babe.

But, really, what else would we expect from the man (dare I see maniacal genius?) who brought us “Trapped in a Closet” Vols. 1-Whatever. (Rejoice: additional episodes of “Trapped in a Closet” are cmoing to DVD this fall. I’m not joking).

So …

Mr. Kelly has brought us a new album, and his libido is in full lyrical form:

“I got you so wet, it’s like a rainforest
Like Jurassic Park, except I’m your sexosaurus, babe.”

And this:
“My rocket is so full of fuel, baby …
Girl I promise this will be painless
We’re gonna make a trip to planet Uranus.”

He then follows it with a reference to a “black hole.”

There’s no punchline here, only sadness.


One thought on “I, too, believe he can fly …

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