Call me mellow yellow

On this day of red, white and blue, it’s time to celebrate yellow.

With The Simpsons Movie just three weeks away, it’s time to start getting in the mood for Homer, Marge, Bart, Lisa and Maggie, and what better way than by making yourself a Simpsons-style character? You can make yourself Homer’s virtual doppelganger (or would that be doh-ppelganger?), or you can opt to exercise your creative side by making one look closer to your actual self.

Either way, it’s a fun way to spend a few minutes occupying yourself until the movie opens, thus giving us more lines to quote. I’m sure we’ll be an annoying bunch for about a month (assuming we actually stop quoting it within a month, and even if we do, we’ll no doubt return to quoting an endless stream of lines from the regular TV series.

To make your own Simpsons avatar, go to and let loose. Thanks to Jamie Gumbrecht of “It’s All About” for introducing me to this Simpsons goodness on her blog.

In the meantime, enjoy these three interpretations of me, created by three people who know me as well as anyone.
Kevin Simpson
Kevin Simpson, created by Cory Graham
Kevin Simpson
Kevin Simpson, created by Katie Beard
Kevin Simpson
Kevin Simpson, created by Kevin Hall

Now, if you look at the first two, you’ll see that Cory and Katie have vastly different opinions of me. First, Cory apparently views me as a scrawny dude who has apparently never seen any athletic instrument. Katie chose to give me wide shoulders and big arms, which is a nice boost to my ego, particularly since both didn’t even bother to hide the fact that my hairline is obviously receding.

Cory also has a poor dental image of me, giving me nice buckteeth and a completely oblivious yet goofy look. Katie, on the other four-fingered hand, gave me a nice, white smile (even though I never smile like that in pictures). To be fair, the only bearded option included the ridiculous teeth, but I think maybe Cory should have presented me as clean shaven instead of like a semi-slackjawed yokel.

Both Cory and Katie provided me with bulging eyes, although Cory sees me as having them far too close together, while Katie sees them as being abnormally far apart. Also, both are telling me that I dress like a dork, but at least Cory managed to personalize the look with a custom-made New York Mets T-shirt, so that gives him a bit of a boost. The pants, however, are bit too blue, giving Katie the advantage on the trousers (insert your own sex joke here).

Despite the differing looks, I’m just honored that both took the time to make an avatar of me. They clearly put more thought into it than I did, what with the blue hair and boomerang moustache. The look just made me laugh. Except that I’m an idiot and still gave myself a receding hairline.


3 thoughts on “Call me mellow yellow

  1. In hindsight, I probably should have gone in and touched up the teeth a bit. I didn’t think of that option until just now. I can’t say that I see you as scrawny, but the “Big Shirtless Rob” body style is a bit of an overstatement. To be fair, I gave myself the same body style, although I’m clearly less scrawny than that. Having the same problem, I couldn’t quite opt for the 300+ pound look, so I went with what I figured was the standard Simpson body.

    I do think it’s incredibly funny that everyone gave you the exact same haircut.

  2. That’s really funny. I’m not sure if any of them actually look like you but it still seems fun. I went to the website to make my own, then made it, then compared to a picture and realized immediatly that I look completely different in my head than I do in real life. So I deleted it cut my losses.

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