Happy Pottering

I’m about to disappear.

I might answer my phone. I might not check e-mails. I might, for all practical purposes, drop off the face of the planet.

Or, at the very least, wind up in another world.

This is, after all, The Weekend of the Release of the Final Harry Potter Book, called by some pop culture scholars as the top pop culture moment of the 21 st century. And since two years ago a certain friend of mine — let’s call him, say “Cory Graham” – told me a major spoiler from the sixth book, I’m not taking any chances this time around.

(To be fair, this “Cory Graham” did not intentionally try to bring me harm by issuing said spoiler but was merely passing on what he thought was ludicrous information he picked up from the Internet. No matter – I still have yet to fully forgive him.)

So, at 12:01 a.m. Saturday, I’ll be in line in downtown Georgetown, ready to pick up my reserved copy of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I’ll probably read for an hour or so upon returning home, then pick back up Saturday. I’ll take breaks only to eat and potty, mainly because I don’t have access to an IV or a catheter.

With any luck, I’ll finish this book sometime on Sunday, at which point I can re-enter the real world and get back to important things. And by that, I mainly mean talking to anyone and everyone about the final Harry Potter book.

See you in a few days …


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