24 hours of Harry Potter? Um, not for me …

I organized the official line, which, of course, helped secure my spot at the front of it. Photo courstesy Georgetown News-Graphic.

Today I learned I’m no Jack Bauer.

Unlike TV’s 24 hero, I can’t function without resting, even if I’m just reading a book and he’s off saving the world.

I really wish I coul have stayed up late reading Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, but instead, sleep beckoned and off I drifted. Today, when not buying a new car and having the stereo removed from my old one, I read as much as possible, bringing me up to 300-plus pages as of 5 p.m. I hope to be at the halfway point later tonight, which might prove impossible because of a trip to Lexington in just a few minutes.

I wish I could point out that I’m cool, but you really would know better.


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