I’ve been trying to tell you how great this “Kevin Hall” is, but you just wouldn’t listen

Brad Callahan is my new best friend.

I’ve never met Brad Callahan, nor is it likely that I ever will.

The truth is, I don’t know Brad Callahan. I do, however, know that he lives in Cincinnati (thanks to a letter to the editor in ESPN the Magazine) and that he is a big fan of a golfer named Kevin Hall.

Two weeks ago, the magazine wrote a piece about the golfer, which I somehow missed, probably due to the fact that it was about golf, and I am unlikely to ever read anything about that “sport.” On the other hand, I usually react to my name like a dog to a dinner bell, so I’m more than a bit surprised I missed seeing “my” name in print.

Apparently, this other Kevin Hall is a pretty good golfer, and, as every article now seems to point out, he’s deaf. Frankly, I don’t see this as being that big of a problem in golf (although when someone questions his handicap, I guess he can give a couple of answers) because other than not hearing someone shout “fore!” I don’t see a big need to hear on the golf course.

Still, I applaud the guy for overcoming any obstacles in his way, and I wish him all the best on the pro circuit, particularly if it leads to letters like this:

I played golf against Kevin Hall in high school, and after reading your item on him, I thought I should add that he is one of the most amazing people you’d ever want to meet. He has an infectious personality and ear-to-ear smile that leaves you no option but to like the kid. He is one of those people whom you root for. In today’s sports world, there aren’t enough Kevin Halls.

Brad Callahan,

Thank you, Brad. I appreciate the kind words, even though you weren’t quite directing them my way. I still feel, however, that you sum up what several others think of me, and by “several,” I primarily mean my mom, granny and, of course, myself.

Other random musings:
• I’m still absolutely in awe of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. I don’t have anything new to really say about it at this point (I’m waiting until more people have finished it because I don’t want to issue any spoilers), but the mere fact it’s mentioned on the blog can help draw in new readers. And yes, I’m a blog whore.

•I’m midway through watching Season 3 of Deadwood, and although it’s not one of my 10 favorite shows of all time, I still enjoy it, if for no other reason than the poetic nature of its language. No one can cuss like Al Swearengen (played to beautiful, filthy perfection by Ian McShane), although this season features what is perhaps my favorite line yet from the show.

In this scene, the sheriff (Timothy Olyphant) is questioning George Hearst (played by Gerald McRaney, and I tell you, you haven’t lived until you’ve heard the star of Major Dad cut loose with a steady stream of obscenities). The sheriff thinks Hearst’s drunkenness is causing his surly behavior;

Sheriff: Are you drunk:
Hearst: When I say “fuck yourself,” Sheriff, will you put that down to drunkenness or a high estimate of your athleticism?

I truly wish there was a way I could use that line on someone someday.

• I love Scrubs. Its absurd humor makes me laugh as hard as anything not named Seinfeld or Arrested Development. I’m glad to see it’s coming back for one more year, and I hope they can move past the so-so episodes that peppered this past season and finish on a comedic high note.

For those of you who haven’t seen Scrubs, I recommend you check it out. In the meantime, here’s a clip of one of my all-time favorite moments.


3 thoughts on “I’ve been trying to tell you how great this “Kevin Hall” is, but you just wouldn’t listen

  1. I do the same thing when people say Zack… anywhere. Doesn’t even have to be my last name, just feels right, you know? Also, Scrubs is awesome. I’ve always wanted to watch Deadwood because, like some of you might know, I’m a huge western fan.

  2. Each entry reminds the world that Kevin Hall is the Ron Jeremy of blogging. Congratulations on this achievement.

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