Further proof that I’m a dork …

… or maybe I’m a nerd. What do you think?

Here are some things to consider:
• I like to read.
• I watch more movies and TV shows than I need to, often firing off random quotes, particularly from shows like Arrested Development and The Simpsons.
• I’m a huuuuuuuge fan of the Star Wars and Lord of the Rings movies. I do, however, draw the line and dressing up in any of the costumes. In my defense of the above photo, it’s a) clearly not Star Wars or Lord of the Rings and is instead a picture of me as Harry Potter, which, I know, is a kid’s book, but it was Halloween at the newspaper, so cut me some slack; and b) well, I pretty much summed up my argument in one exceptionally long sentence in the previous point.
• I have several pictures of dogs I once owned.
See:Kevin, in his underpants, with a doberman
Baby Girl!

Now, I’m not a total lost cause, as I have had girlfriends (not all of which were met on myspace, thank you very much). Also, I can kind of grow a beard.

So, I’m leaving it up to you, dear readers: am I dork, a nerd, none of the above or other?

And please keep in mind that despite my nerdiness/dorkiness/whateverness, you are, after all, reading my blog …


5 thoughts on “Further proof that I’m a dork …

  1. dude, you’re a geek. You’re socially accepted even though you love the things that are not always. Even though, these types of movies are box-office gold, they’re still not gonna get us laid faster…
    Unless we’re at comic-con, which, I’ve always wanted to go to and haven’t been able too for 22 years.
    I smell road-trip.

  2. That is the cutest dog ever. Well, second to my dog of course. Did you really take him and have his picture professionally done? That is awesome. And also, it kind of proves the whole geek theory I think. But mostly it’s awesome. Besides, most of the people I know are geeks, myself included.

  3. There is a special Category for you Kevin Hall!! And that Category is “People who make me Smile!!” And you are definitely one of those people, and that my friend is should be all you need to know!!!!
    Go Steve Earl!!!!

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