Meer-ly a great ad campaign

Meerkat Manor

I’ve never watched this show. Based on this ad, I really might have to start doing so. The only reason I have skipped it thus far is because I’m afraid I will find it horribly addictive. I am, after all, a complete and total sucker for animals doing cute things, as evidenced earlier this year when I watched at least two hours of the Puppy Bowl, which just features puppies romping and playing and puppying it up on a tiny little football field.

Really, I challenge you to find something negative to say about this, assuming that neither Jeff nor Michael Vick read this blog:

There’s even something for those who like evil creatures:

So, really, how could anyone resist this (which, again, is the reason I refuse to watch it):

On another note …

I’m sure you’re probably tired of hearing all about the raunchy hilarity of Superbad, but my friends, it’s a movie you need to make a point of seeing. It’s one of the funniest things I’ve seen in quite some time, and if you love the people from Freaks and Geeks and Arrested Development (which just happen to be two of my favorite TV shows of all time), then you might just very well fall in love. Plus, I’ve been proclaiming the comedic acting abilities of Jonah Hill and Michael Cera for quite some time, and now the rest of the world appears ready to jump on this much-deserved bandwagon.


One thought on “Meer-ly a great ad campaign

  1. The Meerkats are in rotation here in the household, the girls can’t get enough of them.

    The commercials for this are classic. So far my favorite sounds like a Larry the Cable guy rendition of dating by going to a family reunion…..

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