Lose with the language, aka Even the loosers

Um, yeah …
This guy probably wishes he’d had someone glance over his handiwork. Well, looking at him, probably not.

We all make mistakes with language. Our grammar can be spotty, our words can be misspelled, our meanings can be confused.

This doesn’t make it any easier, however, to accept some of the abuses placed upon the English language.

Perhaps my biggest written pet peeve is when someone uses “loose” when they mean “lose.” I can’t tell you how many times I’ve seen this happen, often in sentences like “I don’t want to loose you.” Well, if it hadn’t been for that extra o, you might not be loosing me.

I also hate it when people try to impress others by using big words, despite not having any idea as to what the words mean and often using them in the wrong context. If you’re dumb, embrace it. After all, you have far fewer things to worry about than does the person of high intelligence.

Take, for instance, this piece of work that comes from a place I have worked. When you fill out a travel/professional leave request, the people in accounting return a yellow copy with a pre-printed sticker on it advising, “Please Return Yellow Copy With Expense Report For Reimbursement. And Registration Receipt Or Copy of Certificate As A Proves Of Attendance.”

That’s verbatim. All grammatical, spelling, and punctuation errors in the above statement are exactly as they appear on the sticker.

Large companies aren’t excluded from large stupidity, either. I was recently pouring Draino into a sink and noticed the direction that strongly advised me to “CONTACT A PHYSICIAN IN CASE OF EMERGANCY.”

Will do, Draino. I will be sure to tell them it’s very urgant.

4 thoughts on “Lose with the language, aka Even the loosers

  1. Amen!

    My second pet peeve is mispronunciation. I work with a woman who says ‘heard’ and ‘knew’ as heared and knowed. Drives me insane…

  2. People are stupid and they don’t know how to spell. I attribute it to horrible educations like the one I had. But still, it’s funny to watch people make an ass out of themselves.

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