Suit yourself

My friend Daxon had a pre-wedding celebration Saturday night in Powell County. Cory, Jeff and I have been wanting to wear our suits for quite some time now and picked this as the perfect spot, despite the fact it’s a casual affair.

Seeing that I’m bad about making final fashion decisions, I asked a few people about the look. The following is a transcript from an online chat I had with my a friend:

Kevin: can i wear black chucks with a black suit, or should i go with the gray?

Friend: black. Then wear a red tie.

Kevin: no tie.

Friend: red necklace?

Kevin: Am I a girl? Really you think I just have a red necklace floating around? No necklace, except my St. Christopher medal. See, this is not a dress-up affair. Me and two friends decided it would be fun just to show up in suits.

Friend: oh, then you should wear a red bandana.

Kevin: remind me never to ask you for fashion advice. you will dress me like rambo at the prom. (prombo?)

Friend: ha. nice.
carry a red rose.
it’s handy for those tango-moments

Kevin: you know, you really should attend a Powell County party. i think you have something in mind that just doesn’t exist. there will be no roses. there will be no tango-moments. there will, however, probably be lots of herpes.


2 thoughts on “Suit yourself

  1. I don’t how much herpes made the scene, but there was plenty of alcohol. Doesn’t alcohol kill herpes?

    By the way, if anybody was concerned that I walked outside and never came back, I slept quite comfortably on the trampoline. My logic at the time was that it was like a large hammock, and perhaps the insects wouldn’t think to fly up over the net and come back down to get me.

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