Prose and concerts

I’m off to see Wilco Friday night, marking the seventh time I’ve seen them perform, which ties them with Bruce Springsteen atop my list.

I’ve seen Wilco, who happens to be without question my favorite band currently playing (not to mention my all-time third favorite act behind Springsteen and The Beatles), in Lexington, Louisville, Lexington, Cincinnati, Chicago, Cincinnati and (after Friday) Louisville again.

Oddly enough, I have never been with the same person to more than one show, which doesn’t say too much for either Wilco or me, and since they are pretty damn fantastic (damntastic?), I’m guessing I’m the schmuck.

Note: The line to call me a schmuck (or other well-deserved names) begins here.

Perhaps at a future date I’ll expound more on my love for Wilco (with another possible entry dealing with concerts), but for today, I’m just curious to find out who you’ve seen the most. Also, feel free to tell me any acts you haven’t seen but would like to. Personally, I’d like to see Bob Dylan despite the fact that most people say he’s terrible live. Still, he’s Bob Dylan, and let’s face it, he probably won’t be around too many more years.


6 thoughts on “Prose and concerts

  1. Concert going is a rarity for me, always has been. I’ve seen very few shows, and I think the entire list is:

    Johnny Cash (at the KY State Fair when I was maybe 6 or 7)
    ~Various and sundry local bands, the names escape me as those were seen mostly while in college in a drunken stupor~
    Pink Floyd
    Bo Diddley
    Taj Mahal
    Harry Connick, Jr. (twice)

    Yep, that’s it. I don’t do well with drunks, idiots, or stupidity en masse, I prefer to just listen at my own pace.

    And you already know how I feel about Wilco. We’ll just leave it at that….

  2. So have you seen the Beatles?? That’s what I’m getting from this post…..I just want to know how that’s possible :o) (By the way, what’s wrong with Elvis??)

    Well, I’ve probably seen Club Dub more than any other band. I was quite a regular at the Tuesday sessions at High on Rose for a while. After that, Rebirth Brass Band (if you’re in New Orleans on a Tuesday, get your hiney to the Maple Leaf Bar — you will thank me!) And finally, Paul Oakenfold. Once in the House of Blues on Decatur Street and once in the second row in a tent at VoodooFest.

  3. I was with Kevin at that Beatles show. When we were growing up on the mean streets of New York City, we had big dreams of hearing this new band from Liverpool. When we heard that they’d be playing at Shea Stadium we spent the next few weeks playing washboard and working the old soft-shoe in tourist areas to raise a little cash. Finally, after all that work we raised enough money to check out the show… it changed our lives.

    After that we formed our own band, touring the country and feigning British accents. We got caught up in the British Invasion thing, and between the drugs and the girls we barely made it out alive. The 60’s were hard on all of us. I joined the Black Panthers and was nearly beaten to death in Chicago during the DNC protest/riot. Kevin moved into some hippie commune in Vermont and still preaches that “free love” nonsense to this day.

    Unfortunately, the drugs have rendered us incapable of remembering much more of the past 40 years… in fact, I’m not sure what I’m even writing about anymore. Kevin who?

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