Heroes, Season Two: It was a dark and stormy night

Heroes, Season Two
Chapter One
“Four Months Later …”

8:53 p.m.
I’m a bit afraid of the season premiere. The commercial that just aired is a wee bit too full of itself for my taste. Many shows get far too self-important in their second season (Lost comes to mind, as does Too Close for Comfort). I hope Heroes ignores they hype and realizes it’s not going to change the world. It’s a show about superheroes and comic books, for heaven’s sake.

I am, however, digging Chuck.

9 p.m.
OK, the VERY FIRST SCENE has aggravated me — a deep, serious voice sharing some pop culture philosophy. Maybe I’m expecting too much. I am now lowering my expectations.

Hey, two new characters. That brings the total up to, what, like 147 at this point? I hope this bring something useful to the show. Otherwise, they’re nothing more than the Paulo and Nikki (I think those were the names) from season three of Lost. A sign says “homicido.” What does that mean? Why was there no translation? They are CLEARLY wanted for something – why won’t they give us a hint? Homicido? Are they homosexuals?

A nice moment just unfolded between Claire and her dad, although I’m confused because he alluded to the first day of school, and based on the Heroes calendar, this is March. Maybe he just meant it felt like dropping her off on the first day of school. (Later, her dad’s boss at Copy Kingdom said he’d been in town for a couple of months. So why has Claire been truant all this time. What am I missing here?)

I sincerely hope the producers have a great reason to have Hiro in 17th century Japan. It’s not a good idea to take the breakout star and separate him from the rest of the cast. Not to keep comparing Heroes to Lost, but the island show completely sucked last season when Jack, Sawyer and Kate were isolated from the rest of the group.

Back to Claire — if she’s the new kid at school, wouldn’t the teacher take a moment to introduce her to the class? Instead, she just so happens to wind up next to the guy who almost ran over her earlier in the day (which would have made it difficult to hide the fact she’s indestructible). Ahhh, fate, how we love thee.

The segue Claire/School Boy’s robot-or-alien talk just segued into a scene of illegal aliens (the aforementioned new characters) trying to sneak into the U.S. Please let that be unintentional.

Clearly, I don’t understand time travel. The show is set four months from the end of last season, yet Hiro’s story arc is beginning at the same spot as the finale. Shouldn’t he be four months from the point he dropped into feudal Japan?

Families in crisis appears to be the big theme right now. Parkman is divorced from his wife, and his “daughter” Molly is having problems at school. Hiro’s dad is waiting for his son to return. The Patrellis are in shambles, with Peter “dead” (he appears in the previews, so I’m doubting the validity of his demise) and Nathan divorced and drunk. Also, he has a shaggy beard that causes him to look a lot like (dammit, here’s another Lost reference) Jack from that show’s season finale.

9:22 — First commercial break
Is it just me, or is the volume on Heroes abnormally low? I kept cranking the sound on my TV and still had trouble hearing the show, but when the first commercial aired, the volume very nearly caused the police to come to my apartment to tell me to keep it down.

9:26 — And we’re back.

The kid who plays Molly is awful. I’m sorry, and I know she’s just a little girl, but every time she comes on the screen, I want to turn it over to Two and a Half Men. Well, maybe she’s not that bad, but still …

Back to the new characters, who now have names: siblings Alejandro and Maya . Their powers have yet to be revealed, meaning that they are likely to be quite shocking. I think we’re about to find out. There’s a confrontation in the jungle, and Maya just got taken from him. STILL no idea of their powers. I’m guessing we’ll find out at 9:55 or so, and it’s going to be a HUGE deal. Just a thought …

Claire is having words with the cheerleaders. Two questions: Are cheerleaders ever this mean in real life, and does any school set outside of Hollywood actually feature cheerleaders who wear their uniforms to class? This never happened at Powell County High School. And why is Claire’s School Boy giving her the stink eye for standing up for the clumsy girl who was getting ridiculed by the bitchy cheerleader?

Molly is having bad dreams, and someone said “I can see you” in a way creepy voice. I think Freddy Krueger is the villain for season two.

Yes! Claire’s dad just went completely bad ass on his boss. Nice moment.

Hiro’s dad, who just mentioned the death of Charles Devreaux and Nathan/Peter Petrelli’s dad: “Now there are nine.” The mysterious connection between the characters deepens, and the conspiracy theories will flood the Internet in a matter of moments.

The mark that appears on Kensei’s sword, the death threats to Hiro’s dad and various other spots is popping up quite a bit here. I wonder how many tattoos of that symbol have been given in the last year …

9:51 — the final stretch, or as the announcer said, “and now, the conclusion of the Heroes season premiere.” Officially, this episode is pompous. Did Aaron Sorkin write it?

The extreme close-ups and zooming camera work is doing an effective job of showing the smothering nature of the family dinner at the Bennett table, as Claire and her father continue to hide their secrets.

Uh oh, Alejandro has just found Maya. Hell is about to break loose.

And indeed it has – why is everyone bleeding from their eyes while Maya says she didn’t mean to do it and “My God, what have I done?” Well, Maya, I’m not sure, but it looks like you — and I’m just speculating here because they’ve shown nothing – killed them all.

Let’s see, so Claire’s School Boy friend can not only fly, but he’s also a Peeping Tom.

Who just killed Hiro’s dad? Peter? Sylar? Yet another new character? No immediate answers because now we’re in Ireland on a ship that seems to contain the lost containers from the end of Raiders of the Lost Ark.

And there’s part of the answer — it’s not Peter, as a group of Irish thugs thinking they were about to Jack a crate of iPods instead found the man believed to be dead, who for some reason is chained up without any memories. He does, however, still have the power to toss energy bolts from his hand. If he can do that, surely he can break from those chains. Maybe they’re the Heroes version of kryptonite.

Overall, it was about what I expected: entertaining but a bit too serious for its own good. The show had absolutely none of the joy found in most of the first season, and I hope the writers can discover that element of Heroes soon.


3 thoughts on “Heroes, Season Two: It was a dark and stormy night

  1. I disagree with everything you said about Lost.

    Everyone’s a nerd about something. Own it.

    Yes, cheerleaders are mean. It’s a natural reaction to all the cheery estrogen. And PC cheerleaders wore their uniforms to school on certain days. Like when the football team won.

  2. 1) Hiro in feudal Japan is getting old, but we all know why he’s there. He’s the real Kensei Ta-whatever.

    2) Homicido means Homicide. Wanted for murder. Apparently she doesn’t mean it. Although I’m thinking Maya has powers and Alejandro does not, he’s just overly protective of her.

    3) Peter had that freaky necklace and remembers nothing, we’re figuring the Haitian found him after he fell back to earth.

    4) Agree about Molly. Completely.

    5) Four months? Four months and two divorces are final? Even in Kentucky it takes 60 days uncontested, and you think Nathan’s was a pretty divorce? Not on your life. And did we ever find out if Parkman’s ex-wife’s baby was really his or the guy she was cheating on him with from work?

    6) Sad to see George Takei bite it. Can’t wait for Ma Patrelli to join him. Can’t stand her. Want her to die in a cool way like Linderman – where’s DL when you need him?

    7) Bennett raging on his boss, that was awesome.

    8) Alright, so far none of the Heroes have duplicated powers (‘cept for Peter who mimics everyone he’s around). So, the boy at Claire’s new high school has to have some other power beyond flight or he’s a carbon copy of Nathan and that’s not cool. (Or, was the image in the mirror supposed to tell us there’s more to Nathan than we knew before?) And before you say it … Peeping is not a power.

    9) Cheerleaders didn’t get to wear their uniforms in gym class, at least not in my high school, so that baffled me. They had to wear sweats and t-shirt just like us “normal” folk.

    10) Shameless product placement – but does that surprise us. Remember the throwdown Hiro almost had over a Nissan Versa last season?

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