What makes up making out?

Over the past few months, a conversation continually creeps into talks I have with a female friend. Despite these in-depth discussions, we can’t reach a consensus on our debate, meaning I must now turn to you, dear blog readers, to determine the truth.

The question is this: What constitutes making out?

She says that any sort of deeply involved kissing makes up making out, while I take the Seinfeld approach and say a boob (or perhaps another part considered a “bathing suit area”) must come into play in order to constitute making out. Otherwise, it’s just kissing.

Maybe it comes down to intent. Let’s say you’re involved in some hot and heavy kissing and you have every intention of mild groping only to see your plans waylaid by something (a parent for those teenage years; a cop for the older times). I could conceivably consider that making out, despite the fact there was never any appearance of a nipple.

I’m leaving this in your hands, which, I guess, makes this conversation a form of making out bloggy-style.


4 thoughts on “What makes up making out?

  1. “Making out” consists of intense kissing for any length of time. It doesn’t necessarily involve groping (although that does make it way more fun).

  2. I think it’s different at every age level. When you’re younger, just a few smooches probably constitutes making out. However, once you break the 18 year-old mark there has to be some form of groping in order to get the “make out” tag.

    I guess as long as you don’t fall asleep during either equation you could probably call it making out… and even after you’ve fallen asleep that doesn’t necessarily mean that the other person will immediately stop. Which means that you enter the gray area wherein one of you made out with the other, but the other didn’t.

  3. “Making out” is any kissing session longer than a typical hello or goodbye kiss. Without that qualification, kissing your mom/granny/nephew would be considered making out.

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