Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 4

I’m ashamed of my picks from last week, suffering through a 1-3 mark in college (I’m now 5-4 on the year) and 9-7 in the pros, bringing my overall mark to 32-16.

In college, I missed out on wins by UK, Michigan and Georgia. In the NFL, it was Philadelphia, New York Jets, Green Bay, Kansas City, Jacksonville , New York Giants and Dallas.

So, for this week use caution when following these picks:

No. 5 West Virginia at No. 18 South Florida (Friday night)

Cory is deathly afraid of this game and has been crowing about South Florida for the past year. As a huuuuuuuge WVU fan, he thinks this might be the game that trips the Mountaineers up in the hunt for the national title. He’s wrong. WVU wins.

No. 6 California at No. 11 Oregon
After the whipping California put on Tennessee, I pretty much think they can beat anyone not named USC, LSU or UK. The trend continues here.

Florida Atlantic at No. 14 Kentucky
UK fans, be honest and tell me you’re not at least a little scared of this game, particularly coming off two major wins and heading into games with South Carolina, LSU and Florida. The Wildcats of old would lose this game. Not this year.

Green Bay at Minnesota
Oakland at Miami
New York Jets at Buffalo
Houston at Atlanta
Chicago at Detroit
Baltimore at Cleveland
St. Louis at Dallas
Tampa Bay at Carolina
Seattle at San Francisco
Kansas City at San Diego
Pittsburgh at Arizona
Denver at Indianapolis
Philadelphia at New York Giants
New England at Cincinnati


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