Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 5

Blame it on the upsets, or blame it on a lousy prognosticator. Either way, my picks last week stunk. I did OK in the college game, finishing 2-1, but on the pro side, I finished a lousy 5-9.

My overall marks for the year are now 7-5 in college and 37-25 in the NFL.

Maybe I’ll do better this week:

No. 8 Kentucky at No. 11 South Carolina (Thursday night)

Yes, you are reading this on Friday, meaning this game has already been played. However, I’m writing this on Tuesday, so this is still a guess at this point (I’m also forwarding this to Cory for verification). This is a major test for UK, and I’m completely torn on what to do. I want to believe they can win, but South Carolina is a tough opponent, and you know Steve Spurrier loves to stick it to the Wildcats. I’m going to follow my instinct on this one – I’m picking the Gamecocks, but I hope I’m wrong.

No. 10 Oklahoma at No. 19 Texas
Both teams lost last week, taking a bit of the luster of this one. Even without the spotlight, I’ll take Oklahoma and hope no more fans lose their balls.

No. 15 Virginia Tech at No. 22 Clemson
I honestly could not care less about this game, but since both are ranked, I feel compelled to make a pick. Let’s go with Clemson.

No. 9 Florida at No. 1 LSU
This could be a bit higher profile except Auburn had to go and knock off Florida last week. Bummer. This isn’t a good way to come back, either. LSU romps.

Miami at Houston
Atlanta at Tennessee
Jacksonville at Kansas City
New York Jets at New York Giants
Carolina at New Orleans
Arizona at St. Louis
Cleveland at New England
Seattle at Pittsburgh
Detroit at Washington
Tampa Bay at Indianapolis
San Diego at Denver
Baltimore at San Francisco
Chicago at Green Bay
Dallas at Buffalo


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