Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 6

I have redeemed my lousy picks, as I finished 3-1 on the week in college (bringing my overall mark to 10-6) and 11-3 in the pros (making me 48-28 on the year).

So, try this for the upcoming games:

No. 1 LSU at No. 17 Kentucky

Kentucky falls from the top 25 after this loss to LSU, who should dominate from start to finish.

No. 4 Boston College at Notre Dame
I hate Boston College and would like nothing more than for the Golden Domers to hang a loss on BC, it’s just not going to happen this year.

No. 11 Missouri at No. 6 Oklahoma
Oklahoma is doing its darnedest to get back into national championship contention, and this is a must-win game for the Sooners (actually, every game is a must-win game now that they have one loss). Oklahoma gets the win.

No. 19 Wisconsin at Penn State
What happened to the Nittany Lions? They beat Notre Dame then just fell apart. Here’s hoping they go back to their winning ways. I’m going with Penn State in the upset.

Minnesota at Chicago
Miami at Cleveland
Washington at Green Bay
Cincinnati at Kansas City
Tennessee at Tampa Bay
St. Louis at Baltimore
Houston at Jacksonville
Philadelphia at New York Jets
Carolina at Arizona
Oakland at San Diego
New England at Dallas
New Orleans at Seattle
New York Giants at Atlanta


4 thoughts on “Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 6

  1. Oh yee of little faith. . . good thing you only made this prediction in your blog on the INTERNET- smooth, very smooth, you may want to call in temporarily insane on Monday. . .

  2. Your worthless prognosticating has drawn me back in. What happened to the unfounded, uneducated, unkempt, Powell County faith in all things Kentucky. What ever happened to the little guy? The underdog? Aren’t you media types supposed to champion our causes? I considered writing this in the form of Haiku to appeal to your new found sophistication, but I fear that the suppressed racism of Hatton Creek days gone by way come boiling up against an obvious non-Kentuckian art form. Find your grounding. Find your pillar. Remember the muddy waters of the Red cutting its swath through green fields as you look down from the oily shale cliffs of your family holler (mine too, no offense meant). Remember young men branding themselves as the next UK great on the sweaty mat of blacktop with a tree based goal. Pick up games in the pastures, rooms full of Wildcat regalia, your wicked Star Wars collection (irrelevant to this point, but I am still jealous) and your copious interpretation of “Hotel California” as the crowning achievement of your high school career–these things should bring back a tingle of where you came from and remind you the never, under any circumstances, should you go with your head above your heart when it comes to UK athletics. What are you, a cardinal fan?



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