There are several good movies coming out this fall/winter (The Darjeeling Limited, Charlie Wilson’s War, No Country For Old Men, for instance), but none have me quite excited as Sweeney Todd, director Tim Burton’s take on Stephen Sondheim’s brilliant Broadway musical.


Now, I’ve never actually seen Sweeney Todd live, and my only experience with it is on a DVD production, but even with that limited exposure, I can safely say it’s one of the most amazing things I’ve ever seen. The songs are dark (he is the Demon Barber of Fleet Street after all) but catchy featuring the lyrical/musical twists and turns that mark Sondheim’s best works (or so people with more knowledge regarding musicals have explained to me).

After a lady friend and I watched the Sweeney DVD, we talked about how we’re surprised it wasn’t being made into a movie, given that it’s absolutely perfect for Hollywood to adapt — love, murder, social commentary and meat pies. We agreed that the only choice to direct it would be Tim Burton with hopes that Johnny Depp could play Sweeney. Imagine my joy months later when the rumors first started floating about a Burton-helmed adaptation. I’m not sure if the lady friend shared my high level of enthusiasm once the official word came down, but given her complete love for Burton and Depp, not to mention her Broadway fandom, I’m guessing it’s a safe bet to say she’ll be there when it opens.

I know I will.


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