Best game ever and so much more

By this time, you’ve read just about all you need to read about the University of Kentucky’s monumental upset over then-top-ranked LSU Saturday night at Commonwealth Stadium.

If you’ll indulge me, though, I’d like to share one more story with you.

You see, I could have been at that game, and unlike many people who suddenly have reported access to that game, this one is legitimate. My dear friend Teresa Revlett has season tickets but had to give up seats to this game (and the upcoming Florida game) because of Scott County Schools’ fall break.

I had my choice of attending either game, but my middle nephew’s birthday is Oct. 11, so it was likely that his party would be Oct. 13, thus making the LSU game impossible to attend. Of course, as fate would have it, I’m also unable to make the Florida game, but that’s another story.

So there I was, heading to Powell County, unable to catch The Game. Not only that, I wasn’t going to be able to watch it because we were heading to Morehead to catch two of my nephews play football.

Now, before you start lecturing me on the importance of family, please note that the entire family, my nephews included, had already started complaining about the youth football games, wanting instead to watch UK play.

My nephews and brother-in-law made the decision to not follow the UK game, choosing to record it and watch it all later that evening. I declined to take part, and I got constant updates on my phone.

As we headed back to Powell County, UK had pulled to 27-21, and I asked Troy (the brother-in-law) if they planned on not watching any of the game once we arrived home. You see, the middle nephew, Nathan, was having family over for his birthday party, and once they arrived, it would all but impossible to keep people from talking about the game. So, since we were going to catch the end of the game, Troy and the boys opted to turn on the radio and follow the play-by-play.

Smart move.

We cheered every play on that drive home, including a field goal to bring UK within three points, and we made it home just in time to see the kick that tied the game.

From then on, we all gathered around a TV, hanging on to every play, hugging, high-fiving and participating in just all around general mayhem. The official birthday party got delayed, but more and more family kept arriving, and before long, there were 13 people doing everything short of praying for UK to pull this game out. We had pizzas waiting, and although you’d think pizza and football go great together, well, we just weren’t able to think about eating at this time, mainly because we probably wouldn’t have been able to hold it down.
My youngest nephew does somersaults in celebration.

So, with my granny continually proclaiming gloom and doom on UK’s chances (I get my rosy outlook from her, I guess), we watched and cheered and waited. (And, honestly, I snuck off to get bites of pizza). Nathan and Jonathan (the youngest nephew) stopped wrestling long enough to actually watch the game. (In Nathan’s defense, he had wanted to watch all along, but it’s hard to pay attention when a monkeyesque 6-year-old is trying to put you in a scissor hold).

Then, when UK’s defense stopped the Tigers on fourth down, thus securing the victory, the place just erupted, and I’m not sure who all was celebrating at that time, but we didn’t care. Everyone hugged everyone (hey, we’re all family, and even if strangers had shown up, it wouldn’t have mattered; at that point, everyone was family).
Mayhem. Pure mayhem.

My sister’s neighbors have tiny field goals in their front yard, and I suggested we run over there to tear them down.

And then, once the madness stopped, Nathan, who couldn’t stop hugging everyone around, said he wanted to write a letter to UK Coach Rich Brooks, thanking him for the best birthday present ever.

You know, I’m glad I turned down those tickets.


2 thoughts on “Best game ever and so much more

  1. You have been redeemed. UK still lives in the heart, and meth labs, of Powell County! Tell the rest of the family I said hello…and, uh, maybe skip the part about me impuning the ole Powell Co. dedication to the Big Blue ( I don’t care of buck shot much).


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