Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 7

If only I’d shown a little more faith in UK …

My failure to pick the Wildcats over LSU kept me from finishing with a perfect mark in college football last week. Instead, I went 3-1, bumping me up to 13-7 on the year. On the NFL side, I finished 8-5, pushing my overall record to 56-33).

Let’s take a look at this week’s games:

No. 15 Florida at No. 7 Kentucky

Yes, I know UK beat LSU. Yes, I know UK is ranked higher than the Gators. But you need to know this: as a longtime UK fan, I have no faith in the Wildcats. Plus, I’ve picked against them in all the big games so far, and I’m delighting in being proven wrong. So, let’s go with Florida in this one.

No. 24 Texas Tech at No. 16 Missouri

I have no real reason to hate Missouri, but I do. Texas Tech wins.

No. 17 Auburn at No. 4 LSU
Auburn is the most up-and-down team in the country. This week, though, it’s safe to say they’re going down.

No. 21 Tennessee at Alabama
I could really see this one going either way, but in the end, I’m taking the Volunteers.


Tennessee at Houston
Baltimore at Buffalo
Minnesota at Dallas
Tampa Bay at Detroit
Arizona at Washington
San Francisco at New York Giants
Atlanta at New Orleans
New England at Miami
Kansas City at Oakland
New York Jets at Cincinnati
Chicago at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Seattle
Pittsburgh at Denver
Indianapolis at Jacksonville


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