A recent Entertainment Weekly online segment asked readers what TV shows they had already stopped watching (or were about to quit). I’ve been having that same debate this week, as I’m wondering how much longer I’ll stick with Heroes.

Look, I know some of the hardcore fans out there will say it’s just as good as it’s ever been, and to that I say, “Um, you’re an idiot.” This season is awful, simply awful. The writing is beyond medicore, the acting is terrible, the special effects look worse than homemade and the plotlines are boring.

I think we’re four episodes into this season, and honestly, I’m not sure if it’s worth sticking with. They have too many characters, few of which are really interesting. And, to make matters all the worse, the main story arc has no real relevance, particularly when compared to last year’s “gotta save the world” situation. This season, the titular heroes are trying to find out about shadowy conspiracies and homicidial ex-heroes, and the only thing the show is doing is ripping off Watchmen.

So, how long before I give up on it? Frankly, I’ll probably stick it out through the season. I once almost gave up on Six Feet Under after nine episodes of the third season, but the final three of that year renewed my love of the series, which ended up going out on an incredible high note. I don’t think Heroes will follow through with that much televised goodness, but if it can just back to being slightly above average, I’ll be OK.

And, just so you know, I’ve already given up on Chuck and Pushing Daisies, neither of which seemed to really be going anywhere. Actually, the only new show I’m still watching is Bionic Woman. For some reason, I can handle the lapses into bad writing there because it, as opposed to Heroes, isn’t trying to be serious art. It’s just a popcorn show, much like an expensive summer movie, and sometimes my brain just needs to relax.


6 thoughts on “Quitters?

  1. I would suggest revisiting Chuck. First, the main character reminds me of you for some reason. Second, it has been getting better and holds some promise for a upturn due to the hotness of the women, or men if that is your thing. I know it seems like a chick show, but Sarah Who? with Christina Applegate is actually pretty funny. Heroes we can agree on, with a caveat of course. I applaud the directors and writers for taking the necessary turn from the conclusion we demanded last season. It will likely take a few episodes to get us reinvested in the crusade and let us come to grips with the changes in the characters after the big climax. The question still remains whether they can pull it off, but I think based on previous performance (I know…post hoc, ergo proptor hoc) they at least have the potential to do it. I would also suggest checking out some of the reruns from USA’s Burn Notice. It was the closest thing to A Team meets Magnum PI that I have seen.

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  3. I’m a big fan of Weeds and Californication. Monday nights is about the only day of the week I feel free to veg out in front of the tube, and it’s what I’d gotten used to after watching Sopranos religiously and then John from Cincinnati. Weeds is a lot different from what I remember when I’d watch it occasionally in seasons past. They’ve seem to be trying to make jumping the shark a real art form. It’s a new approach I think. Californication has a brilliant cast. The premise of the show (an oversexed has-been writer has to cope with a breakdown in his family structure) is right up my alley. You should check them out. I’ve also been trying to get into Dexter, but it’s a bit slow moving, and a tad less stylistic than I hoped.

  4. Jackie and I have our toes hanging over the edge of the diving board right now as far as Heroes goes. Loved most of the first season, except the finale, which we both thought was weak. I’m sure we’ll keep watching just in case it gets better, but it’s getting harder to stay committed.

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