Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 8

Sometimes the NFL just makes no sense.

Or maybe I’m just an idiot.

Personally, I prefer Option No. 1, although it’s much more likely to be the second of the two.

Either way, my advanced mediocrity skills on picking winners came to light this weekend, highlighted by the NFL. Not that I did much better on the college level. I finished 2-2, making my yearly record 15-9. On the pro side, I finished 8-6, putting me at 64-39 on the year.

Here’s hoping I do better this week:

No. 2 Boston College at No. 8 Virginia Tech (Thursday night)

Talk about a tough spot. I hate both schools. If VaTech beats BC, then the Hokies keep moving up the rankings. If BC wins, then they stay at No. 2 and keep inching toward the BCS title game. There are no winners here, at least in terms of picking someone to cheer for. I’m hoping both lose, but here’s guessing Virginia Tech wins.

Mississippi State at No. 14 Kentucky
No question. UK.

No. 12 USC at No. 5 Oregon
I hate the thought of cheering for USC, but I hate the thought of Oregon winning even more. Go Trojans (and they’ll win, too).

No. 11 Florida at No. 18 Georgia
Who would have thought this statement would ever be made: If Florida can beat UK at UK, they can beat Georgia at Georgia. Florida wins.

No. 10 South Florida at No. 23 Connecticut
UConn beat Louisville with help from a terrible call on a punt return. No such luck here. South Florida rolls.

No. 1 Ohio State at No. 25 Penn State
Those of you who know me know this game represents pure evil versus pure good. Let’s root for good. Penn State in the upset.

No. 21 California at No. 4 Arizona State
I hate to think that Arizona State is ranked this high, but maybe they’re for real. I certainly don’t know. Oh well, I’m picking ASU.

Detroit at Chicago
Pittsburgh at Cincinnati
Oakland at Tennessee
Cleveland at St. Louis
New York Giants
at Miami
Philadelphia at Minnesota
Indianapolis at Carolina
Buffalo at New York Jets
Houston at San Diego
Jacksonville at Tampa Bay
New Orleans at San Francisco
Washington at New England
Green Bay at Denver


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