Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 10

Well, well, well: I had a pretty, pret-tay good week. I scored a perfect 4-0 mark in college football (20-14 on the year) and a 10-4 record in the NFL (72-47) on the year.

I’m sure this week will bring me back down to normal:

No. 12 Michigan at Wisconsin

Michigan is slowly creeping up the rankings. This weekend won’t be one to stop them. Wolverines win.

No. 25 Kentucky at Vanderbilt
Vandy scares me, but I think UK comes back strong after a disappointing loss at him two weeks ago. The bye week served them well, allowing players to get rested and recover from injuries.

No. 18 Auburn at No. 10 Georgia
Every week, the SEC features top-notch games (which is bound to happen when you’re the best football conference in the nation). Look for Auburn to win this one.

Minnesota at Green Bay
Jacksonville at Tennessee
Denver at Kansas City
Buffalo at Miami
St. Louis at New Orleans
Cleveland at Pittsburgh
Philadelphia at Washington
Atlanta at Carolina
Cincinnati at Baltimore
Dallas at New York Giants
Detroit at Arizona
Chicago at Oakland
Indianapolis at San Diego
San Francisco at Seattle


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