How to fight loneliness

Lars and the Real Girl is one of the best portraits of loneliness I have ever seen. Ryan Gosling, who is undoubtedly the best young actor in film today, plays the lead role with tenderness and sympathy, never making Lars out to be pathetic or a loser.

That was probably rather difficult, too, considering that the movie is about Lars’ relationship with a sex doll.

Sure, the movie had its share of laughs, but by the end, the bulk of the audience watching it Saturday afternoon in Lexington was in tears. As I walked out of the theatre, I heard one couple talking about how unexpectedly moving the film turned out to be.

And it certainly is.

Loneliness hits us all in different ways, and how we choose to respond says a lot about us, I guess. How we choose to respond to those around us experiencing their own loneliness also says much about who we are, and that’s what makes Lars such a powerful little film. Rather than singling Lars out for his apparent bouts of delusions, this small town offers emotional support.

That really is the key to this movie. By the end of the film, we are eagerly cheering Lars on because those around him in his life are cheering him on.

I can’t remember the last time I rooted for someone like this in a movie (honestly, it was like the Rudy of quirky romances), and I hope many of you get the chance to experience it on your own, even if it means going to the film by yourself.

Trust me, there are worse things you can do than watch a movie by yourself, particularly when it’s one about being alone. If you need someone to see it with, you can always take a sex doll, I guess, or if worse comes to worse, e-mail me and see what I’m doing.


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