Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 11

That’s more like it: I’m back to that level of prognosticating mediocrity that I know so well. The college ranks found me at 1-2 last week, dropping me to 21-16 on the season, while the NFL had a less-than-favorable 6-8 mark, leaving me at 78-55 on the year.

No. 7 Ohio State at No. 21 Michigan

I hate having to pick one of these two teams to win because both are among my most-hated schools in the world. The only good news about this game is that it’s pretty irrelevant in terms of the BCS since Ohio State lost last weekend to Illinois. Look for Michigan to win in what is likely Coach Lloyd Carr’s final game at home.

No. 23 Kentucky at No. 7 Georgia
Georgia will avenge last year’s defeat, although I truly hope I’m wrong.

No. 6 West Virginia at No. 22 Cincinnati
West Virginia has to be kicking themselves in their collective ass for losing earlier this year. That one loss is all that’s standing between them and the No. 1 ranking. They’ll continue to release their anger on Cincy.

No. 17 Boston College at No. 15 Clemson
Who cares? Flipping a coin … Clemson.

Cleveland at Baltimore
San Diego at Jacksonville
Miami at Philadelphia
Oakland at Minnesota
Kansas City at Indianapolis
Carolina at Green Bay
New York Giants at Detroit
Tampa Bay at Atlanta
New Orleans at Houston
Arizona at Cincinnati
Pittsburgh at New York Jets
Chicago at Seattle
St. Louis at San Francisco
Washington at Dallas
New England at Buffalo
Tennessee at Denver


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