Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 12

It turned out to be a fairly average weekend of predicting games. I finished 2-2 on the college level, making me 23-18 on the year. In the NFL, I went 9-7, pushing my record to 87-62.

I’m hoping this week’s games give us all a bit more to be thankful about:

No. 11 USC at No. 6 Arizona State (Thursday)

I’m not sure I’ll watch a second of this game. Let’s pick USC, just because I think Arizona State is overrated.

No. 19 Boise State at No. 15 Hawaii
In the Battle of Who Could Care Less, I’m going with Hawaii.

No. 20 Connecticut at No. 3 West Virginia
West Virginia is still fighting for a berth in the BCS Championship. This game keeps those hopes alive.

No. 8 Virginia Tech at No. 16 Virginia
I know nothing about Virginia’s team. I hate Virginia Tech on principle. I guess that means I pick Virginia.

No. 18 Tennessee at Kentucky
Let’s face it: right now, UK sucks. Tennessee is the most hit-or-miss team of the year. Unfortunately, I think they hit this weekend. Vols win.

No. 4 Missouri at No. 2 Kansas
If you really believe these two teams are among the four best in the country, raise your hand. No one? I thought so. Kansas wins (and let’s hope they lose in the Big 12 title game).

Green Bay at Detroit
New York Jets at Dallas
Indianapolis at Atlanta
Seattle at St. Louis
Minnesota at New York Giants
Buffalo at Jacksonville
New Orleans at Carolina
Washington at Tampa Bay
Houston at Cleveland
Tennessee at Cincinnati
Oakland at Kansas City
San Francisco at Arizona
Baltimore at San Diego
Denver at Chicago
Philadelphia at New England
Miami at Pittsburgh


2 thoughts on “Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 12

  1. I care about Hawaii winning – and the Kansas/Missouri game. This is the first year in a long time that I have actually followed college football, precisely because there are so many fresh teams in the mix. I am thrilled that USC, Michigan, Alabama, Penn State, Florida State, Miami, nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas and especially Notre Dame aren’t a factor. I am also hoping for mass controversy at the end of the regular season, with as many teams as possible having a legitimate argument for their inclusion in the title game. I want a playoff, darnit! There is no logical reason why there shouldn’t be one. At least eight teams would be nice, but sixteen would be bettter. I would actually care about those games. As it is now, I only watch the championship game (maybe) and refuse to watch any other crap bowls. OK, I’m done venting.

  2. No worries, after this week there will be one team that’s BCS Championship bound and very little room for in-fighting over the rest. Ahh, a relatively controversy-free post season might be upon us.

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