Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 13

Thanksgiving proved to be good to me this year, from spending time with friends and family to just killing on my predictions. I went 4-2 in the college ranks, making me 27-20 on the year, and 13-3 in the NFL, lifting me up to 100-65. Not too shabby.

Let’s hope the hot streak continues:

Pittsburgh at No. 2 West Virginia

The chance to play for the national title (most likely against Ohio State since I think Missouri will lose) is a huge carrot dangling in front of the Mountaineers. WVU wins big.

No. 11 Boston College at No. 6 Virginia Tech
The two teams have already played once this year. I didn’t care then. I don’t care now. Virginia Tech wins.

No. 7 LSU at No. 14 Tennessee
Unless this game goes into triple overtime, LSU will win.

No. 1 Missouri at No. 9 Oklahoma
The dream season comes to a close for the Tigers, as Oklahoma dashes Missouri’s hopes of playing for the national title.

Green Bay at Dallas (Thursday)
San Diego at Kansas City
Houston at Tennessee
Jacksonville at Indianapolis
Buffalo at Washington
San Francisco at Carolina
Detroit at Minnesota
New York Jets at Miami
Atlanta at St. Louis
Seattle at Philadelphia
Cleveland at Arizona
Denver at Oakland
New York Giants at Chicago
Tampa Bay at New Orleans
Cincinnati at Pittsburgh
New England at Baltimore


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