Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 14

Poor, poor Mountaineers.

All West Virginia had to do was win, and as a four touchdown favorite, most people (including this guy) thought they would without any problems. Unfortunately, there were problems.

Many, many problems.

By the time the game ended, the vaunted WVU offense had been held to one touchdown, and Pitt escaped with a shocking upset, eliminating the Mountaineers from national title contention (where they most likely would have destroyed Ohio State).

Other than that game, I had a nice week on the college level, finishing at 3-1, lifting me to 30-21 heading into the bowl season. In the play-for-pay ranks of the NFL, I had a 9-6, pushing me to 109-71 on the season.

With college games on hold, here’s a look at this week’s NFL picks.

Chicago at Washington (Thursday)
Carolina at Jacksonville
New York Giants at Philadelphia
St. Louis at Cincinnati
Tampa Bay at Houston
Miami at Buffalo
Oakland at Green Bay
Dallas at Detroit
San Diego at Tennessee
Minnesota at San Francisco
Arizona at Seattle
Cleveland at New York Jets
Pittsburgh at New England
Kansas City at Denver
Indianapolis at Baltimore
New Orleans at Atlanta

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