When whoever’s in New England’s through with youuuuuuuuuuuu

Forget about the perfect season.

Who cares about the Super Bowl?

What really matters is this: Will the New England Patriots score 100 points this weekend at home against the New York Jets?

Earlier this season, the Jets angered an already great team by essentially tattling on the New England coaching staff for improperly filming coaching signals during a game. The Jets’ head coach, Eric Mangini, just happened to be an ex-Patriots assistant, so he likely had firsthand knowledge to the filming activity.

And now that the Patriots are absolutely steamrolling through the NFL (save for a close game or two), Mangini should have just kept his fat yapper shut.

So, the Patriots have this going for them:
• Playing at home;
• Revenge against Stupid Coach Mangini;
• A far superior team, including an offense that seems to score at will.

That adds up to a legitimate chance at reaching 100 points.

Truth be told, I hope they do it. I’m not a New England fan, but I’m rooting for them this year. They’re a once-in-a-lifetime team, and we know we’re watching history every time they take the field.

Plus, if they go undefeated we can stop seeing the 1972 Dolphins trot out to drink champagne when the last team to lose finally falls. Really, guys, that’s sad. Give it up.

Other random things:

• I am desperately anxious for a few movies to open: Sweeney Todd, Juno and There Will Be Blood. The only one that is certain to open here on schedule (Dec. 21, actually), is Sweeney Todd, so I’m holding out hope that the others will make it to the Kentucky Theatre or Lexington Green in early January. The buzz on all three is significant, and I’m betting at least two are worthy of end-of-the-year Top Ten lists. It will take a severely wonderful movie, though, to bump Into the Wild and No Country for Old Men from the top spots (right now, I’m torn over which occupies the primary position).

• Wow, I think that’s all I have. Well, except for this: Heroes still sucks.

3 thoughts on “When whoever’s in New England’s through with youuuuuuuuuuuu

  1. Kevin, love the blog. Found it via Cory’s site and am adding you to my blogroll and hope you will do the same…sportsattitude.wordpress.com. Random thoughts on your random thoughts…reading some New York papers this week about “Spy Bowl” and the Big Apple consensus (prayers?) are that while the Pats will look to put a major hurtin’ on the tattletale Jets, they do have an eye towards history and will pull back the troops prior to hitting the century mark…not sure what to make of Sweeney Todd’s Yuletide fortunes – singing while killing?…haven’t seen No Country For Old Men but am actually scared off by all the favorable reviews – the last time my wife and I ventured into such territory it was Fargo – a universally loved movie neither of us cared for…maybe we’ll take the plunge…as for Heroes, yes it sucks. However, the wife has it on the must-see list and it is part of my sports trade-off with her so I have (against my better judgment) seen every single episode…but yes, it sucks. Hope to see your comments on my stuff in the future.

  2. The next time I talk to my boyfriend Tommy (that is what he likes me to call him) I’ll be sure to tell him you are pulling for them- but please be careful not to put too much pressure on them- as much as I love him, he did play at Michigan (apparently The Ohio State University failed to recognize talent that year) and without Moss he has a tendency to throw the hell out of the ball to no one in particular. I am now waiting for an angry message from your new buddy sportsattitude. . .

  3. Keri…I actually am trying to help both you and Tommy (since that is what he likes you to call him) get through some of this ironically (they’re gonna go 16-0) negative press being created about him from his “mixed bag” association with a headcase head coach and a wacky wide receiver. I’ve laid out some basic rules on my site that, should he choose to follow, will ensure he will continue to keep both of you in the lifestyle you desire. I am sincerely worried Tommy’s financial potential is being hindered during this fantastic season by the actions/reputations of “Hoodie” and “In The Hood” respectively. I’m praying the score vs. the Jets stay respectable, all cameras are holstered, Belichick shakes hands warmly with Mangini after the game…and Moss doesn’t punch out a meter maid or act like he’s pulling his pants down or fail to run a route because Wes Welker caught more passes, etc.

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