The sounds of silence

If I seem a bit more tired than usual, maybe even grumpier than what you’ve come to expect, don’t blame me. Blame my neighbors.

Rather than rewrite what’s happening, I’m just taking the lazy man’s way out (again, I’m tired) and post this transcript from a chat with Cory.

me: i’m probably going to write about one of my neighbors.
their alarm keeps going off at 5:30 and then proceeds to beep for at least an hour
i guess i should be a better neighbor and make sure they’re not dead, but frankly, i’m too tired because i haven’t been sleeping well, what with all that beeping at 5:30
Cory: that’s crazy
i’d have to kill someone over that
me: the problem is, i don’t know where it’s coming from
it could be on either side of me or below me.
i know the neighbors to my left and below me are alive.
i haven’t seen the one to my right, but her car has moved around
now, what i want to know is, how the hell do you sleep through a beeping alarm clock?
it’s the most annoying sound in the world.
Cory: and apparently loud enough to wake the neighbors
me: our walls are rather thin
Cory: i’ve never heard a neighbor having sex
i’ve only rarely heard a person having sex
me : katie and i heard some people in a hotel room once.
Cory: neat!
me: that’s about it.
we were so childish, too. we just put our ears up to the wall and giggled
Cory: oh, i’d have done the exact same thing
no doubt about that
me: my downstairs neighbors is hard of hearing (or so he claims)
he’s also always drunk
well, he listens to his music at obnoxious levels at inappropriate hours of the night
there have been times where he’s had the radio on, and i could clearly understand the DJs
Cory: wow, that would suck. i’m glad that i don’t actually have neighbors
me : he also plays some crappy music
Cory: what kind?
me : he apparently has a mix CD that has James Blunt’s “You’re Beautiful” on it.
when it comes on, he turns it up as loud as it can go.
the night katie and i broke up (or at least one of the nights), i came home at about midnight and he had it blasting.
it was like something from a bad movie.
Cory: i’m sorry, but i’m laughing
me : kevin moping up the stairs to his lonely apartment while his deaf/drunk neighbor loudly listens to “you’re beautiful.”
Cory: there’s nothing i can do about it
me : you should be laughing.
this is all going as a blog.
Cory: you would be played by john cusak
me : most of my blogs are now just going to be transcripts of our chats
Cory: hahaha, good thinking
me : so this mix cd of his has You’re Beautiful, Crazy (and i like that song, love it actually, but not at 3 a.m.), and a few others.
i’m not kidding — he plays them about 2-3 times a day on the weekends.
i want to say something to him.
or at the very least offer him another mix CD
Cory: that’s what you should do. make a kickass mix cd for him and just leave it propped up against his door
me: i’d put very quiet songs on it.
lullabies and things like that
Cory: just leave a copy of miles davis’ “kind of blue”
me: jack johnson’s entire catalogue
Cory: ugh. i think i’d rather have the james blunt


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