Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 17

My 10-6 record in the NFL this past week was certainly somewhat better than my previous week, but I’m still not exactly heading to Vegas in the near future. My record for the year now stands at 142-87.

In the college ranks, I finished the regular season at 30-21. With the big bowl games coming up, it’s time to make a few predictions to further worsen that record.

No. 14 Boston College at Michigan State
Penn State at Texas A&M
Alabama at Colorado
Kentucky at Florida State
No. 15 Clemson at No. 23 Auburn
No. 16 Tennessee at No. 18 Wisconsin
No. 6 Missouri at Arkansas
Michigan at No. 12 Florida
No. 13 Illinois at No. 7 USC
No. 10 Hawaii at No. 5 Georgia
No. 9 West Virginia at No. 4 Oklahoma
No. 8 Kansas at No. 3 Virginia Tech
No. 2 LSU at No. 1 Ohio State

In the pros, the games can be a bit tougher to pick this week because several teams (this means you Indianapolis) will likely sit their starters to rest up for the playoffs. This is my best guess.

New England
at New York Giants
Buffalo at Philadelphia
Cincinnati at Miami
Carolina at Tampa Bay
New Orleans at Chicago
Jacksonville at Houston
Seattle at Atlanta
Detroit at Green Bay
San Francisco at Cleveland
Minnesota at Denver
Dallas at Washington
Pittsburgh at Baltimore
San Diego at Oakland
St. Louis at Arizona
Kansas City at New York Jets
Tennessee at Indianapolis


3 thoughts on “Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football, Week 17

  1. Nope. It was just an old-fashioned mistake. As you can see, I picked Kentucky, but that’s only because FSU will have to start rejects from the Powell County squad in order to be able to field a team.

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