Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football Postseason 3 (and bonus Conan and Norm)

Stupid Colts and Cowboys.

Thanks to them, I placed at 2-2 last week, dropping me to 158-95 on the year.

Now, with the AFC and NFC championships looming, it’s time to step up and give the people some good picks. Here we go:

New York Giants at Green Bay
The Giants have Eli Manning. The Packers have Green Bay. That alone makes the Packers the sure thing. Factor in the home field Lambeau factor, Favre’s storybook season (if only he hadn’t said he’d like to come back one more year) and the renewed running game, and this one is a lock.

Green Bay 31
New York 20

San Diego at New England
The only AFC team I think New England might have struggled with were the Colts, who choked beyond belief last week. The Patriots were pretty much in control all night in their game against Jacksonville, and the Chargers got banged up quite a bit in their upset win. Even if Tom Brady doesn’t approach those near-perfect numbers from last week, the Patriots will not come this close to an undefeated season only to fall to the Chargers.

New England 38
San Diego 24


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