There’s nothing like good old-fashioned customer service …

It seemed like a simple enough request: I’m moving from my apartment and want to know what steps I need to take to get wireless Internet service. I looked at Tim-Warner Cable’s website, thinking they might have some helpful information. Instead of providing me with what I needed, though, it directed me to a helpful chat option, connecting me with a live customer service representative.

This is the transcript of our chat.:

user Kevin has entered room

analyst James has entered room

James(Thu Jan 24 09:32:17 EST 2008)
Hello! Thank you for choosing Time Warner Cable Road Runner Internet Technical Chat.My name is James C. How may I assist you?

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:33:08 EST 2008)
I am about to move out of my apartment into a house, and when doing so, would like to start using a wireless connection. What do I need to do to make that happen?

James(Thu Jan 24 09:33:28 EST 2008)
I will try my best to help you with the connection issue.

James(Thu Jan 24 09:33:30 EST 2008)
Before we begin, I would like to bring up your account. May I have the following four pieces of information from you please?
1. The account holder’s 10 digit telephone number. (xxx-xxx-xxxx)
2. The account holder’s Full Name (First and Last)
3. Please tell us your name.
4. May I have your preferred e-mail address please?

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:33:47 EST 2008)

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:34:20 EST 2008)
Kevin Hall (although the account might be under Strother Hall)

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:34:27 EST 2008)
My name is Kevin Hall.

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:34:35 EST 2008)

James(Thu Jan 24 09:34:57 EST 2008)
Thank you, Kevin.

James(Thu Jan 24 09:35:06 EST 2008)
Please let me know the exact issue that you are facing

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:35:40 EST 2008)
The first part is what steps do I need to do with the move to make sure my cable/internet service isn’t interrupted?

James(Thu Jan 24 09:36:31 EST 2008)
So you need the entire setup, am I right?

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:37:06 EST 2008)
I’m not sure. What is included in the entire setup?

James(Thu Jan 24 09:37:29 EST 2008)

James(Thu Jan 24 09:37:40 EST 2008)
Kevin, Then this issue needs to be addressed by the RR Specialist, please wait till I create a ticket for you.

James(Thu Jan 24 09:38:13 EST 2008)
The ticket number is xxxxxxxxxx and office number is 866-725-0909, please call the office.

James(Thu Jan 24 09:38:15 EST 2008)
Is there any thing else I can help you with?

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:39:57 EST 2008)
Well, assuming that this other person is able to address the moving/installation question, what do I need to do to get a wireless hookup?

James(Thu Jan 24 09:40:30 EST 2008)
Wireless router, network card.

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:40:54 EST 2008)
Do I get that from Time-Warner Cable?

James(Thu Jan 24 09:41:06 EST 2008)

James(Thu Jan 24 09:41:19 EST 2008)
Please call on the above number and call.

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:41:22 EST 2008)
And is there a cost?

James(Thu Jan 24 09:41:51 EST 2008)
They will let you know about the cost.

James(Thu Jan 24 09:42:10 EST 2008)
Kevin, do you need any further assistance.

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:42:46 EST 2008)
Well, just out of curiosity, what kind of questions are able to be answered here?

James(Thu Jan 24 09:43:39 EST 2008)
All the Internet issues excluding some of them as yours.

James(Thu Jan 24 09:43:41 EST 2008)
For further assistance please logon to our website and check for online FAQs.

James(Thu Jan 24 09:43:43 EST 2008)
I would appreciate if you could provide us with your valuable feedback on the support experience after the end of this chat session. It will help us to serve you better. Please submit your comments at

James(Thu Jan 24 09:43:49 EST 2008)
Thank you for visiting Time Warner Cable Road Runner Internet Technical Chat, Kevin. Have a good day!

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:44:22 EST 2008)
Well, I’m confused because I’m not exactly sure what you’ve answered other than directing me to another location.

James(Thu Jan 24 09:45:02 EST 2008)
Yes, please call RR office they will be the best to help you.

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:45:30 EST 2008)
So really, what’s the point of this chat option?

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:45:48 EST 2008)
Wouldn’t it just be easier to have people call the number in the first place?

James(Thu Jan 24 09:46:57 EST 2008)

James(Thu Jan 24 09:47:01 EST 2008)
If you have no further issues that we can assist you with, you may end the chat session by clicking on the Hang Up button and a chat transcript will be displayed for you.

Kevin(Thu Jan 24 09:47:35 EST 2008)
Well, you haven’t assisted me in the first place, so I guess we’ll just hit hang up.

Now, if I could only get James to open the damn pod doors …


3 thoughts on “There’s nothing like good old-fashioned customer service …

  1. I’ve got Time Warner for my broadband access. The access isn’t bad, but I read in the news that they are one of the companies pushing for “pay as you go” internet, where you will be charged each month according to how much bandwidth you use.

    So, I’m not terribly fond of them at the moment.

    P.S. Wireless setup isn’t that hard. You just need a wireless router and a wireless card for your pc.

    Alternatively, you can get a wireless router with a wireless adapter that you just stick into a USB port like a memory stick.

  2. My chat conversation with them ended up with me telling the man his push to start button had misfired that morning….I get testy when I have to talk to New Delhi for anything anymore.

    And they suck. We are moving into a neighborhood that can well afford the premium packages they may offer and the eejits dropped the cable, just not the hardline to connect the subdivision to them.

    We’ll most likely have a dish and an internet card.

  3. I had to call them about my having d/l’ed IE7 when i should have just left it alone. After the second jerk in a row, i finally go to talk to Arlon, who’s wonderful. Since it took forever to uninstall it, we got to chatting. He lives in Iowa 90 miles north of Omaha, he’s divorced, he plays RPGs with his friends, he was friends with Steve Jobs and regretfully turned down the chance to help start up aol, his grandfather was a computer nerd for Nasa, and he laughed out loud at the miniscule amount of RAM I had. He recommended I go to Best Buy and upgrade my memory and he was right and it works beautifully now. He’s likely the one lone nice guy at the TWC help desk, and he’s my new best friend.

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