Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football Super Bowl edition

It’s all come down to this: Boston and New York battling for sports supremacy.

Like the Red Sox and Yankees in baseball, the two cities get yet another chance to rule the world, with this time being a Super Bowl match up featuring the New England Patriots and the New York Giants.

But unlike those baseball playoff games (and increasingly so with regular season battles), the media hype isn’t quite the same. Sure, there’s plenty of media attention, but that’s just because it’s the Super Bowl. What’s getting lost, it seems, is the fact it’s Boston and New York.

I base that primarily on the fact that the Patriots go by “New England” instead of “Boston.” I fully believe many people simply fail to understand that they’re one and the same. You think surely I jest, but really, I think you don’t realize just how dumb the majority of America is, as evidenced by the wild popularity of Dane Cook.

So what’s on the line for this game?

For the Giants, it’s the chance to come from nowhere to win the championship. Making it all the more amazing is the fact they’d be doing it with Eli Manning as their quarterback.

Making it all the more unlikely is that Eli Manning is their quarterback.

And that’s why the Patriots will conclude their historic season, going 19-0, in what I think will be a rout. This has the feel of a 1990s Super Bowl, in which the NFC team (usually Dallas or San Francisco) absolutely demolished the weaker AFC foe (I’m looking at you, San Diego).

For me, it’s a way to close out a season of picks (I’m currently 159-96 on the year) with yet another victory (to go along with my fantasy football title, thank ya very much).

New England 41
New York 24

Also, I want to see this:


One thought on “Bet on it: Your guide to weekend football Super Bowl edition

  1. I hope Jessica Simpson stays away from the stadium tonight. I’d hate for her to take the blame for another football teams lack of talent.

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