I wanna get High …

It is 6 p.m., Tuesday, Feb. 4, 2008, in the Year of Our Lord.

My life is about to change.

I’m about to watch High School Musical.

Don’t laugh.

I have put this off long enough, secluding myself from this insanely popular bit of pop-culture, usually saying it’s for “the kids” or some other sort of ornery statement that only makes me sound old.

I like musicals, having just traveled to Cincinnati this past weekend to see Wicked (and a trip to Louisville in two weeks to see Sweeney Todd, although I haven’t yet found anyone to go with me). There’s no real reason not to like High School Musical.

Well, except for the “High School” part of the title, coupled with the fact it’s a product of the Disney Channel. Taken alone, those should be reason enough for me to avoid this at all costs, but I’m going to approach this with an open mind.

After all, I have heard many good things about it (and not from just the pre-pubescent set; true-life adults have praised it, as well). I also have to admit this Zac Efron fella seems to be a half-decent guy (and I just had to do a Google search to check the spelling of his name, so now Big Brother has me pegged as either being a 12-year-old girl or a pedophile, and frankly neither is an appealing label).

So, here I go. Overture, curtains, lights! This is it, the night of nights …

… or if you prefer …

Ninety-seven minutes, 45 seconds later …

Well, that certainly was interesting.

My primary lesson learned? Keep your head in the game. (Wow – I’ve watched it one time and am already dropping lines like Troy drops jump shots).

I’m not going to lie: I enjoyed the hell out of High School Musical. The songs are catchy enough, the actors are affable and there are some good lessons to be gained from the movie (in addition keeping one’s head in the game, of course). I like the theme of accepting people for who they are, and it was actually nice to see the blending of high school cliques.

HSM isn’t supposed to be a scathing commentary on high school, nor is it supposed to be an ironic look at musicals. It’s just a good time with a few messages for teens (and pre-teens and, I guess, post-teens). It’s harmless fun, and it’s actually entertaining. Plus, it’s kind of fun watching the whole “a star is born” thing with Zac Efron, while the rest of the cast might go on to greater things, too. This even includes the unfortunately named Corbin Bleu, who I keep accidentally calling “Cordon Bleu.” (Is this a good time to say he “hams” it up, heh heh heh?)

So, I watched. I enjoyed. I learned. I tapped my toes.

I even kept my head in the game.

There’s really only one thing left for me to do: watch High School Musical 2.


3 thoughts on “I wanna get High …

  1. The first time I heard about High School Musical, I knew you would like that shit. Because you, my friend, like shitty things. Shitty, shitty things. Fuck you, Kevin Hall. I hope your head falls off.

  2. I like it when the Stiles is all riled up, which is pretty much all of the time.

    I fondly recall pwning his ass at Tekken.

    He does have a point, however. I fear that at this rate I will one day see you and Cory in the news waiting in line for !CHE! The Musical – A sumptuous feast for the senses with Nathan Lane playing the role of the popular t-shirt icon, Che Guevara.

    I will point and laugh. Be warned.

  3. The only thing I recall happening in Tekken (and these were in the days before “pwn” was an accepted term) was that no one could button-mash better than me when it came to Paul. I used absolutely no skill and drove through tons of opponents. But goddamn Daylan was even less skillful than me, and managed to out button-mash me.

    Back on the topic at hand, the !CHE! Musical needs to be made, and Kevin Hall needs to love it.

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