Just random thoughts about games and other silly stuff you don’t care about

I have a problem.

It has consumed my free time.

I am addicted to Scrabulous.

This Facebook application (the only one that I’ve actually supported because, frankly, I just don’t care about werewolves and zombies and all the other stupid things that site features) is an online version of Scrabble, and I can’t stop playing it. I’m not very good at it, usually using small words instead of the big seven-letter “bingos” that the top players unveil.

I don’t care, though. I still love it, even to the point I’m going to soon be purchasing the regular Scrabble board game. I’ve already challenged my friends to epic matches to be held at Bee-Dubs. (Yes, we are nerds. No, we don’t care).

I finished watching The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters today. It’s a fairly short (80-minute) documentary on the world of competitive video game playing, but it features one of the clearest versions of good vs. evil this side of the original Star Wars.

It also makes me want to find a version of Donkey Kong to play, even though I don’t think I have ever cleared the first screen.

Today, I’m painting five walls in the house, going with a red in the living room and a blue in the bedroom. My mother is traveling up to Georgetown to help me, as I don’t have any clue as to what to do other than slap paint on the walls. It’s also supposed to be exceptionally cold today, and I’m not sure there’s heat in the house at this time. That also means there’s probably no electricity, meaning I can’t play any music, meaning the only way we can pass the time is to – sigh – talk.

Maybe I’ll find a generator. Or, at the very least, a kerosene-powered stereo.


2 thoughts on “Just random thoughts about games and other silly stuff you don’t care about

  1. I love Scrabble….I knew I was an adult when my mom finally invited me to play with her. As long as I don’t have anything trivial like bar review going on, I’ll be up for some B-Dubs Scrabblicious!

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