Wanted (aka, this one’s for Lia)

I’m not who she hoped I was.

But this time, it’s really not my fault.

I literally was not who she hoped I was.

She is Lia.

And I’m Kevin Hall.

Just not the one she’s looking for.

A couple of weeks ago, Lia sent me a seemingly random MySpace message, asking if I happen to be Kevin Hall. I wanted to respond that not only am I Kevin Hall, I very much happen to be the Kevin Hall. Only my fear of identity theft stopped me, and before responding to her question, I checked out her page to see who was seeking this information.

I didn’t recognize a single thing about her. Further complicating matters, her site didn’t include a picture, making it impossible to see if she was an old friend from high school. Nothing on the page provided any sort of clue, so I did the only thing I could possibly do: I wrote back, asking who she is.

I don’t know what I was expecting, but I certainly was expecting this:

You asked who i am so guess ther is hope you may be the Kevin Hall I miss so much. We hung out in Guam together. I owned a night club ( back when punk was not popular)called the Kitchen and by day I was the Director of a preschool on the hill. You stayed with me in Piti until you left and and we had buckets of Thai…. wow….. there was a7 sizrd earthquake and everyone who worked at the nightclub moved in the house and it became a commune (margo, rick, taki,kaya and the bands who played. You were returning to Florida and we spoke on the phone 2twice and I wanted to drive over but the next 4 times I called your mom answered and didn’t want me calling you she said and that i would mess up your future and there was no place for me in your life or friend list. Never knew why she felt like that but you were in Chef school and who knew how she felt about Guam. Never spoke or heard from again. Since that time technology has come a long way and I is easy to find lost friends. Unfortunately your namwe had 92 selections but i haD TO TRY. i TRIED TO attatch a picture but am technological retarded I have a 16 year old daughter you knew as a baby.

If you are not him we should end this now or when its not you i may feel sad. Scroll down the bullitin list with millions of things from Margo. Partway through are pictures from the KITCHEN and we are sitting together. check it owt..


Lia Schroeder

live back on Northshore of Hawaii now

Maybe I’ve been single too long, but something in her raw earnestness appealed to me. I don’t fancy myself a would-be cupid. No, the fact that she’s been carrying this around for so long is something many of us can relate to. This is a girl who longs for someone, pines for someone.

I know what it’s like to be alone. I know what it’s like to miss someone.

So I wrote back: Unfortunately, I’m not the person you’re lookking for. I’m sorry.

However, I’d like to help you find him. Would you mind if I posted this as a blog entry and ask people to forward to people they know, in hopes that maybe we can find him and put you two in touch?

It took her a week to respond. I figured she had just written me off as a goof, but on Monday I finally received some good news:

That would be cool i guess if you dont think its too sappy or lame…. Did you see the photos? You gotta.. i will try to foward it from my message board 6 months ago.. old pics from guam from another lost friend. 13 of us designed a tatoo and Rick Paine and Taki as well as a guy with your name
are still mist.

I have not seen you for(him for 15 years and I’m in my 35’s with so many expereinces, majestic adventures and rock star parties that now that I am not travelling and havebecome as domesticated and growing roots here allready but not relating to or having any ftriends here that were as fun, real and loyal and proud, as those I have-chilled with, and met in Guam. Something about the heat and bar aircon lifestyle even those who do not drink participate. I met him there as well. It links people.
I live on the Northsore of Oahu next to Waimea Bay, where I grew up til 13 and moved to Guam. In all the years traveling and living with liz throghout the world I have only wanted to raise my daughter in the place I grew up in and at 30 I finally got that and a Federal Preschool Teaching position on the same day. I feel like that joke with three guys on a island. Everyone from 93 went there own ways and most have gotten back in touch in Seattle, LA Vegas or Guam through family. Kevin was amerchant marine getting out of the ocean and going to school as a chef somewhere at home near maw, he ived with us in Piti as he was getting out and came back from Thailand as we met blindly. If I were to try to imagine what he looked like i was unsure cuz you got glasses on if it resembled you. Let me know if publishing this is silly.. or if you may find him

So this is where you come in. Help her. Forward this to anyone and everyone you know. Let’s find Lia her Kevin Hall. As Cory said, if this works out, wow, I’m part of their lives forever. When the Hallmark movie is made, there will be a character in there for me.

Movies aside, though, in this season of corporate-forced displays of love and affection, let’s take the time to help someone who really, truly, deeply feels it.

Do it for Lia.

And do it for Kevin Hall, wherever he might be.


6 thoughts on “Wanted (aka, this one’s for Lia)

  1. Wow, in this world of people who care so much about themselves and their own relationships, it is touching to read about someone who actually cares about a perfect stranger’s life. You’ve inspired me a lot over the years Kevin, but never like this. This is truly a selfless and amazing act on your part. And you should be recognized.

  2. Kudos to the above post, that Cory fellow certainly seems to be both well read and insightful. To see such “cut to the chase” sincerity is so rare in this day and age.

    And I’ll bet he’s incredibly handsome.

  3. I don’t need more reasons to kill myself. Jesus, this was like watching Legends of the Fall, 50 First Dates, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind and The Notebook back to back.


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