Friday Night’s alright for Lighting

I apologize for the headline, but I miss making those awful jokes in a newsroom.

OK, moving on …

I am addicted to Friday Night Lights.

Much like when I plowed through every episode of The West Wing in about two months (delayed only be’s failure to get the DVDs to me in a timely fashion), I’m spending every bit of my free time watching FNL. (Odd note: both have music by the great W.G. Snuffy Walden, which must be the surest sign of any that it’s a good TV show). From the opening scene, I found myself wrapped up in the lives of these kids, their parents, the coaching staff and the whole damn town.

I’ve finished nine episodes as of this writing (although I plan to finish at least two, maybe three, more tonight). I hope to share more thoughts on the show once I finish the first season because to do so now would take too much time when I should really be watching the DVDs.

I will say this: I want to marry Connie Britton (she plays the coach’s wife and also once had a role on 24 as Jack Bauer’s girlfriend; she can clearly pick her fellas); the character of Matt Saracen is one of the best teenage roles ever presented on TV (or film either for that matter); Coach Taylor has to be the worst coach ever in the first three quarters and the bulk of the fourth, but damn if the guy can’t pull out some inspirational speeches (think, “Lazarus, arise and walk”) and push the kids to victory in the final minute.

Other thoughts through my muddy mind:

• I learned today that there’s a tanning salon in Lexington named “The Toasted Kitty.” I’m not going to even attempt to craft a punchline for this one, instead leaving it up to you. Give your best lines in the comments section below. In the meantime, I really want to see who tans at The Toasted Kitty.

• Less than two weeks to go before Springsteen hits Cincinnati, and that can only mean one thing: at some point in the coming days, I’ll be blogging about him, his songs, his concerts or something to do with the show. I’m really looking forward to this show. It’s hitting at the right time.

• That’s all. Goodnight.


3 thoughts on “Friday Night’s alright for Lighting

  1. Quite simply, there isn’t a better television show out there than FNL. I demand to be credited with beating you over the head with this series until you finally decided to submit and watch it. The 2nd season can’t be released soon enough.

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