Proving yet again that I know nothing about basketball

As happy I am that UK made it in the NCAA Tournament, I have to say, watching Baylor celebrate its inclusion might have been the highlight of the day. Just a few years removed from a scandal involving a murder and a subsequent cover-up that almost brought down the entire program, seeing the team rebuild itself to tournament-worthy squad gives me chills.

But you probably don’t care about that right now, as I’ve somehow convinced my mind that you care about who I think will win the whole shebang.

So … here goes:

East Region
North Carolina is the favorite to make it out of this one, and I like a potential matchup the Tar Heels might have in the second round against either Indiana or Arkansas. Looking ahead, a potential game against Notre Dame could be interesting. On the bottom half of the bracket, I absolutely love the possible second round games: Oklahoma vs. Louisville and Butler vs. Tennessee. Butler has some fantastic guard play, so they could give the Vols fits, but ultimately, Louisville and UT should prevail, with the Vols making it to the Elite Eight against UNC. The Tar Heels win that one.

South Region
I hate Memphis, so it kills me to see the easy road the Tigers have to the Elite Eight. The only roadblock they could have is Pitt, but I think the Panthers will be knocked off in the second round by Michigan State. Texas really shouldn’t have much of a problem on the bottom half of the bracket, and I see Texas moving on to the Final Four. Oh, and I guess UK loses to Marquette in the first round.

Midwest Region
OK, so this is the toughest region in the field, with Kansas, Wisconsin and Georgetown all capable of making it out, and Clemson and USC capable of pulling off a number of upsets. I like Kansas over Clemson in the Sweet Sixteen, and Wisconsin over Georgetown on the bottom half, with Kansas cutting down the nets in the region.

West Region
Well, hell, let’s just give UCLA the damn thing, since they play nobody tough until the Elite Eight, and even there they shouldn’t have much trouble with either Duke, West Virginia or Xavier. Since the Bruins have to beat someone, let’s just say its Duke and be done with it.

Final Four
North Carolina beats Texas, and UCLA beats Kansas.

The damn North Carolina Tar Heels over the damn UCLA bruins.

Keep in mind, that this scenario features three No. 1 seeds and a No. 2, which almost never happens. Also, I’m an idiot, so remember that when filling out your brackets.


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