Why the hell can’t I find HSM2?

I am upset with blockbuster.com.

A couple of months ago, I succumbed to pop culture peer pressure and watched High School Musical. I’m not ashamed to admit that, nor am I too big for ye olde britches to say I enjoyed it.

In fact, I planned to wait two weeks and then rent the sequel, cleverly dubbed High School Musical 2.

The powers that be at blockbuster.com, however, interfered.

For reasons unbeknownst to me (and, probably, thousands, if not millions, of pre-pubescent girls across the country) the mammoth DVD rental chain does not feature HSM2 among its online selections.

I just assumed it hadn’t been released yet, but I recently saw a copy for sale at Best Buy, just floating on in the store like the spirit of Zac and Vanessa were calling out for me to notice the disc. That night, I re-checked blockbuster.com, where I was most assuredly told that it was not available to rent, although I could save it for a future date.

I guess it’s possible that every single copy has been rented by those aforementioned pre-pubescent girls, but wouldn’t blockbuster.com be able to zip down to, say, Best Buy and pick up another copy to send me?


Now, I can either wait for blockbuster.com to get its act together or break down and rent it in the store, assuming the actual brick-and-mortar Blockbuster has a copy.

Now this:


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