Kristen Wiig is the best

I really need to write more about this later, and I imagine I will because I certainly could write blog after blog about the brilliance of Kristen Wiig on Saturday Night Live, but for now, let me just say she’s officially joined the ranks of the funniest castmembers ever, right up there with Will Ferrell, Phil Hartman and Jimmy Fallon (just kidding on that last one). (Also, I should note that that might be the longest sentence I’ve ever written; I’ll be surprised if anyone has actually finished it).

So, whatever. Wiig is amazingly funny, from the “Turget” lady to, well, hell, anything she’s in. She’s just a comedic force who can take a routine sketch and spin it into gold.

Exhibit A (and even though I laughed at all of it, I very nearly lost it near the 4:55 mark):
Note: I couldn’t seem to get this to work, so if it doesn’t show up, go here:,cClips,1


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