So long Scrubs, for now

I love Scrubs.

Actually, I loved Scrubs, as the last two seasons have been pretty below average.

Still, I hate to see it leave NBC, and I’m hoping that the rumors of it moving to ABC will come true. I’m also hoping the show picks up the quality again, particularly as it moves toward a series end.

In the meantime, I just want to laugh at this, which is probably my all-time favorite Scrubs moment:


One thought on “So long Scrubs, for now

  1. Okay, I know that I swore I wounldn’t ever leave another one. . . but well, its just that this clip brought back some pretty vivid (and now that I am a quasi-grown up) semi-painful memories of a sixth grade big haired, full on bang with braces and Guess! jeans Keri dancing to this very same song at ye ol’ middle school talent show. And yes, we did the same moves as this clip- straight from the video, and no- I won’t let you see it. . .

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