The power of God … and rock

Lately I’ve taken to praying while in the shower, foregoing the usual pray-before-bedtime routine. I often am asleep within minutes of going to bed, so I would often fall asleep mid-prayer, and I started feeling lousy about not getting to certain people on my prayer list, not to mention leaving God hanging without a proper closing. A heartfelt “amen” is pretty standard, often coupled with the good ol’ standby “in Jesus’ name we pray,” but I would usually sign off with “and bless the …” followed by snores, drools and dirty dreams.

Last night, I was mid-shower/prayer when a song popped into my head, and no matter how hard I tried to force it out of my mind, it kept coming back, interrupting my moments of quiet meditation.

The song? “We Built This City” by Starship.

I wish I could say it was because I had been praying about rebuilding Myanmar or some other grief-stricken area, but no, this was just completely random.

I tried to continue the prayer, but once “You say you don’t know me or recognize my face” gets rolling, it’s pretty much impossible to stop.

So … will God understand that I’m just a flawed human unable to resist the power of cheesy rock, or is my soul doomed?

I posed this query to my friend Jessica, who while not an actual theologian is the daughter of a preacher, so that gives her a little more biblical qualifications than my other friends. Jessica assured me I have nothing to fear.

“How do you think God built the cities, Kevin? Hello … rock ‘n roll!”

Amen, Jessica. Amen.

I hope to write more about these two records later, but let me just say that Weezer’s Weezer (aka, the Red album) and My Morning Jacket’s Evil Urges are both already in the running for Best Albums of 2008. MMJ’s “Highly Suspicious” is my Official Summer 2008 Jam, while Weezer’s “The Angel and The One” is one of the best things they’ve ever recorded.


4 thoughts on “The power of God … and rock

  1. I know the feeling as I almost without fail find my thoughts drifting into some other area during prayer. I honestly have NO idea why that is, my brain is running full-speed-ahead, attempting to recall every horrible thing I’ve done that day, and then suddenly I’m debating the educational background of the Million Dollar Man…

    Did he attend a prestigious business school? Did he build a better mousetrap? Did he simply inherit a stellar business from his Million Dollar Parents?

    It’s usually around that time that I snap back into it, apologize to God and attempt to get back to business.

    … then fall asleep.

    No wonder I’m going to hell.

  2. For those of you who might try to point out to Cory that the Million Dollar Man is actually the Six Million Dollar Man, I can assure you that he’s not referring to the TV show but to Ted DiBiase.

    Coincidentally, DiBiase is now a wrestler/evangelist, so I wonder if his mind drifts to thoughts of Cory during his prayers …

  3. Wow… now that’s something I hadn’t considered. Perhaps my mind is drifting, not aimlessly, but with divine purpose.

    I must take my leave of you now, unite with Mr. DiBiase and spread the word. The power of Christ compels US!

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