Burning questions about the chest

I never knew people would be so interested in my chest.

I appreciate all the comments that were left in regards to the chest-waxing blog from last week, including the shocked disbelief from people like Aaron, Daylan and Jeff. To answer a few lingering questions:

• It now looks pretty much normal, as the irritation – including a general overall redness and the whiteheads caused from my skin going on strike – has subsided. Plus, I’m getting used to the hair being gone, which was more difficult to do than you might imagine.

• I found myself getting colder at nights, and I’m not sure if that’s because the air-conditioner was working harder or I was just missing my wooly layer of chest fuzz.

• I think cleaning my shower will now be a bit easier.

One question, however, still remains, and I’m not sure of the answer: will I do it again? Probably. As I wrote, it didn’t hurt nearly as bad as I thought it would, and I’m actually starting to like the look/feel of it. I think I’ll probably need to see what it feels like for someone to have her hands against the skin, but that might be a long-time coming.

Other random things from this Friday:

• A friend recently commented on my hair (head, not chest), noticing that I’m growing it out a bit. I asked if it was getting too shaggy, but she assures me it’s not and that the curls are a good thing. She did ask, however, if it’s possible to cut the sides and back a bit while leaving the curls on top, “kind of like Justin Timberlake used to have.”

Um, that would be a no.

• I’ll write more on this later, I’m sure, but my initial excitement over Lollapalooza has tapered off somewhat, much like I thought it would once the actual schedule was released.

While the overall lineup is completely amazing, the schedule-makers have too many great acts overlapping, making it impossible to see everyone on my wishlist. Some are no big deal, like forgoing The Raconteurs and Stephen Malkmus in order to get over to see Radiohead, but I’m pretty well pissed off over the Rage Against the Machine vs. Wilco debacle that’s been created. Stupid damn schedule-makers.

The MLB Logo Project is down to three. Driving through Georgetown, I spotted a middle-aged guy sporting a Cleveland Indians hat. I nearly gave myself whiplash as I twisted my neck around trying to make sure my eyes didn’t deceive me. I’m truly shocked that it took this long to see an Indians hat, so I’m happy to cross them off the list.

This now leaves me in need of the Florida Marlins, Toronto Blue Jays and Kansas City Royals. If I don’t come across those teams at Lollapalooza, I’m probably never going to see those logos.

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