Sometimes you just need to laugh

When I want to lose myself in a world of humor, no matter how dark/sad/whatever I might be at the time, I always turn to Arrested Development.

Without a doubt, it’s the funniest show to ever be on TV, and each time I watch it, I find new things to love.

So, instead of a big patriotic-themed Fourth of July post, I just want to share with you a laugh from one of my favorite moments of the show. Have a great holiday!


4 thoughts on “Sometimes you just need to laugh

  1. Actually, I’m not happy at all about the possibility of an AD movie. The show ended on a perfect note, and I’m just not sure anything more needs to be told of the Bluth story. Maybe I’m just a pessimist, but I’m not sure it’s a good idea to tinker with perfection.

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