Scratch this itch

It’s the perfect add for the Fourth of July because, to me at least, nothing says “America” like monkeys dressed as humans.

Cory, Aaron and I were sitting around talking with ESPN on in the background. I interrupted the talk after seeing this commercial, and as I told my two friends, I don’t care what we had been talking about, even if it had been something deep and important, I would have stopped everything to point out this commercial.

And it truly is the most effective ad in recent memory. Hours after it aired, not only did we remember all the words to the ad, we recalled where we could buy it. Fortunately, the Stanton Rite-Aid was open at 7 p.m. on the Fourth of July, prompting a visit to purchase a couple of bottles.

We couldn’t immediately find the product, and Cory said he’d give me “cash money” if I would ask a clerk for it. I passed, opting instead to wander the aisles on our quest. For those wondering, it was with the band-aids and things of that nature. We bought the last two bottles in the store, and now I have the perfect gift for another friend.

Thank you, Richard the Monkey.


2 thoughts on “Scratch this itch

  1. I had intended to leave a detailed (while entirely fictional) account of how this commercial had come at the exact right moment in my life. How I’d been suffering in silence from monkey-butt for years, but never had the courage to seek out help.

    Then I realized that this is the internet, and dozens of years from now I could still be losing dates when someone googled my name and found it forever linked to such an ailment.

    Therefore, I’ll simply say that I find trucker monkeys to be very funny.

  2. You both are such liars.
    There’s no way this exists and I don’t own it.
    NO, I refuse you and all your ways.

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