A whole lotta Lolla preparation

I leave Thursday for Chicago and my third trek to Lollapalooza. For me, it’s not as easy as just packing and leaving. There are important things to consider:

Things to do prepping for Chicago
1. Select official Lollapalooza sunglasses
2. Select official Lollapalooza hat/cap
(Note: these are not “official” in the sense they are in any way affiliated with the actual festival. Instead, they are the official accessories I’ll sport for the weekend. The hat/cap is less important since I’ll only wear it intermittently, but the sunglasses are essential. It’s odd, though, that I care about this sort of thing given that the clothes I’ll be wearing will be pretty much the exact same things I’ve worn the last two years.)
3. Visit Bohannon’s Books prior to trip. I don’t need a book to take (I’ve just started on The Talisman), but I’ve made this part of a ritual.
4. Plan schedule of bands to see
5. Obsess over Radiohead
6. Anxiously await Excelsior wings/pizza
7. Worry over flight
8. Create detailed itinerary to ensure arrive at Louisville airport in plenty of time
9. Practice not being awed by Chicago skyline
10. Talk about Heath Ledger’s performance as the Joker (this really has nothing to do with the trip, but I do this pretty much daily either way)

Things to do Thursday in Chicago prior to Lollapalooza
1. Buy sugar-free Rockstars
2. Say “Chi-town” as much as possible around locals
3. Badmouth the Cubs and White Sox
4. Look cool in Chi-town Burberry store
5. Plot ways to find Beatle Bob
6. Enjoy Excelsior wings/pizza
7. Screw previous practice: be awed by Chicago skyline
8. Rehearse witty, seemingly off-the-cuff remarks in event I meet Barack Obama


2 thoughts on “A whole lotta Lolla preparation

  1. You are funny, and rituals are fantastic. Have fun and feel sorry for me at the office. By the way- I am currently, at this very moment, updating my iphone. I’ll let you know how it goes.

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