Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy plays at Kidzapalooza

Wilco is great.

Kids are great.

Together, it amounts to a fun 20 minutes at Lollapalooza 2008.

Wilco’s Jeff Tweedy did a brief set at the Kidzapalooza stage, designed for a younger audience, but several older Wilco fans crammed in the area to see him play. With his acoustic guitar and sense of humor, he played primarily for the kids, making sure to take the tots’ requests.

The first one suggested by a young fan?

“On and On and On,” an emotional track off Sky Blue Sky that Tweedy wrote for his dad after his mom’s death. Tweedy seemed shocked at the request and laughingly said he wouldn’t play such a sad song at the kids’ stage.

Instead, we got “Hummingbird,” “Heavy Metal Drummer,” “I’m the Man Who Loves You,” Hoodoo Voodoo” and an old Uncle Tupelo song, “New Madrid.”

The video I shot wasn’t the best (I couldn’t keep a steady hand), but it at least gives you a chance to hear a few acoustic takes on some great songs.
“Heavy Metal Drummer”

“New Madrid”


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