Season 2: Football picks, Week 1

It’s a great time of year.

For those of you not named Jeff, the excitement to tonight’s kickoff of the NFL season is amazing, although that might just be because it also signals the start of another fantasy football season.

Either way, it’s here, and like last year, I’m going to offer my picks for the winners of each week’s match-ups. I’m not using the Vegas odds or anything like that. Nope, it’s just straight up winning or losing for me.

So here it is (with the winners in bold):

Washington at New York Giants
Detroit at Atlanta
Seattle at Buffalo
Jacksonville at Tennessee
New York Jets at Miami
Kansas City at New England
Tampa Bay at New Orleans
St. Louis at Philadelphia
Houston at Pittsburgh
Cincinnati at Baltimore
Carolina at San Diego
Arizona at San Francisco
Dallas at Cleveland
Chicago at Indianapolis
Minnesota at Green Bay
Denver at Oakland

And for those of you who made it this far, I offer this (if for no other reason than I’ll be watching this movie over the weekend):


2 thoughts on “Season 2: Football picks, Week 1

  1. Nope, I don’t want to give Eli any credit. His receivers made him look much better than he was, and had it not been for the INCREDIBLE ineptitude on the part of the Washington defense he would have had at least two more interceptions. Boo Eli… boo.

    I’m down with almost every one of those picks, with one key exception. I think Denver kicks Oakland’s ass, takes their lunch money and calls Al Davis a “bastard” before the end of the third quarter.

    Even if I’m wrong, I hope that they at least call Davis a bastard. Mostly because Al Davis is a bastard.

    … bastard

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